What do I like about me?

So February has been a month of telling that special someone how much you Love them and giving them a present/presents on Valentine’s day. I was set a challenge by the people at Pebble Grey Mirrors to concentrate on the things I like about none other than ME! I was a little bit apprehensive about the challenge when I first read it but needless to say I was up for taking part and actually taking the time to think about these things. They sent me a lovely Vanity Mirror to use for the challenge as well which I have been using lots lately.

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Where do you start without sounding like a full on paragraph about what you think is great or without trying to be negative? I started thinking about things I liked about myself as a person first of all. This was a tricky one because I tend to think more about negatives sometimes and can be very glass half empty. This is a trait I am trying to change and always look on the brighter side.


Here’s some facts about me personality wise:
I am very independent
I can be a joker although I can’t actually tell a joke without getting part of it wrong
I am a very focused person and will strive to achieve something when I set my mind to it
I am a chatterbox which is great for my job (although I am currently suffering with a sore throat due to this)
I don’t entertain fools and can be a bit quick to make that known sometimes.

It’s really hard to actually say whether or not I like all these things without sounding a bit self-obsessed or thinking that they should be the norm. What I will say is that I have little traits that I would love to control more like OCD or always saying Sorry when I have no reason to be. (for some reason that word has been embedded into my brain and it’s difficult to stop saying it!) I have lovely friends though and I doubt they would be my friends if they didn’t like my personality.


Now let’s move onto the physical!!!! Argh this is a painful one as like most people I have hang ups about myself and find it hard to say what I actually like. I have a slight hatred dislike for my nose! Yeah who doesn’t, but it has become more of a running joke now. It has a bit of a bump on it and it annoys me but I would never have surgery to fix it as it’s what makes me, ME!

My teeth are a good feature, as I had braces as a teenager and now they are lovely and straight which I am very proud of. I also quite like my hair although it’s in dire need of a haircut right now but I can’t decide on a style. It’s quite thick naturally which makes it good for styling and healthy looking.

I also am quite proud of my Cara-esque Brow Game that I have going on. I get asked a lot if they are shaded etc but alas they are all natural!!


I am growing to be more content with my shape. Like most girls/women especially I have had my ups and downs with my body and at 24 I am somewhat getting there. Believe me I have the odd day where I think I wish I was more curvy etc but actually I am happy with my shape and like being able to pick something off a clothes rail in the size i think I am and it generally fits.

I’ve had fun doing this challenge as it gave me a lot of time to think about how happy I am with me and yeah I have some hang ups but who doesn’t?? Hope you enjoyed reading this little insight into me.


Laura x

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  1. OCD isn’t really a trait. I have suffered with it for ten years and have to take a lot of medication just to get through the day. :/

  2. Bless you I have stuff I don’t particularly like about me too but you are beautiful don’t think differently. Also don’t get surgery I see all those awful programs of when cosmetic surgery goes wrong… aaaah! Great post I will follow you on twiter. X:)

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