Defining Your own Success

The title may appear a bit vague but I really wanted to write a post about success and how to measure it. This isn’t success in your blogging or posting but I feel it’s important to talk about success in your life or career. I have a had a few up and down weeks recently with lots of things going on which has made me doubt myself or moves I have made in my career. Now it has all calmed down and I had some brilliant news in regards to a promotion, I wanted to share some thoughts with you all.


I am 24 and work for a very large company and have done so for just over 5 years now. When I started at 19 I wasn’t sure what my direction would be or whether I would still be there after 12 months etc. In my head I thought it would be short term to earn some money then go onto University. Needless to say that idea soon disappeared! I have moved up in my positions within the company and am now moving onto a role that will give me a stepping stone for the future and a lot of valuable experience. Some of you will be thinking “How can she think that’s not success?” or “She’s done really well!” and I will agree that this has finally sunk in with me recently.

I have taken some time to think about where I want to go in my career recently and have become really headstrong about the path I want and things I am going to do over the next 12 months to get moving up that career ladder. It’s hard to not get down about things and having interviews where the end result is a big fat NO! If I can say anything it would be to use every experience to your advantage and take in all the feedback they give you. I have worked so hard over the last 6 months to improve how I come across in interviews and how to impress people who have never met you before. My boyfriend is a huge support and is always right behind me helping me before interviews and cheering me on. He is really career focused as well which I think may have rubbed off on me now.


My sound advice after having plenty of interviews and rejections and not feeling like I was getting anywhere, is “Don’t let it get you down!” Inside of you somewhere is what they are looking for and you just need to have that belief that one day you will be where you want. Accept what people tell you and feedback as they aren’t saying it for the sake of it and it will be a benefit.


Have any of you had any sound career advice that you can share with me?


Laura x

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  1. Nice to hear that you’ve reached a turning point. Advice wise, I don’t know what sort of career you’re in/looking for, but I suppose this applies to most – establish really good working relationships with your peers – build a reputation as being the person to go to / the one with the knowledge / the one who can make sense of things. People will feedback and this counts. In your current job, look for ways to make improvements – always think is there a better way? Don’t worry if they aren’t carried through – you’re demonstrating that you care about the company and want to contribute to it’s betterment. Find ways to showcase your skills and that you are a fast learner if you want to move on to another role that you don’t quite have the skills for (yet)!
    Well… that seems to have worked for me anyway! x

    1. GASP! I won!? SCORE! Oh yah!!! Maybe it was the incessant clicking of those entry boxes! Yaaaah, I’ll be all up in my mail person’s grill looking for it too!!! Awww! Thanx RED!!! And Bear too!I am SO excited!! I’m going to run RIGHT downstairs to see if it’s in the mailbox! What? I didn’t check the mail yesterday. LOL Congratulations to Lizzie, Cat and Laurie up there too! Sue (skipping away tickled to dety!h)Mysaertcoach recently posted..

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