Christmas Presents Your Partner Will Actually Want

It is less than 75 days until Christmas! (Yes, I have been counting!) And that can only mean one thing – the stress of Christmas shopping is about to descend upon us. Cue people running around like headless chickens. They will be trying to find something (or anything) suitable for their friends and family.

If you are anything like me, you love buying presents. It is a great way to show your friends and family that you have put thought into getting them something special. That, therefore, means that I like to get a good head start on the manic, last-minute gift buyers and plan ahead with plenty of time to go.

I love to plan my boyfriend’s Christmas gift and think about all the ways to surprise him. Finding unique gifts is actually a lot easier than you might think. You just need to put a little thought into it. Here are a few ideas and tips to help you find the perfect gift for your partner.

Think carefully about this

Before you rush into anything, think carefully about the types of things your boyfriend or girlfriend likes. Have they dropped any hints into conversations? Or did they make a passing comment about wanting something? The most special gifts are things that are completely unexpected, but mean a whole lot to the person receiving it.

Make something

Sometimes giving gifts doesn’t just have to be about spending money. It is really easy to stick to a small budget if you make something yourself. How about a scrapbook of memories? This is a great gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend. Stick in some photos of the two of you. Create lists like, “Five Things I Love about You”. If you aren’t keen on that idea, try making some homemade jewellery, or if you can knit, make a jumper or wooly hat! There is a world of possibilities; just think about what your skills are.


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Plan a holiday

OK, so this is moving slightly away from the low-budget DIY gift. But if you can afford to book a surprise holiday, it will go down a treat. There are so many budget airlines and low-cost package holidays nowadays that you might even surprise yourself at how cheap it can be. Flights to much of Europe can sometimes cost less than £20 if you book at the right time and far enough in advance. You don’t even have to go abroad. Why not book a night in a hotel nearby, hop in the car and spend the time somewhere a little different?

Book a course

Has your partner ever mentioned that they wanted to learn a new skill? Maybe they love to sing in the shower – so book them some singing lessons. Or maybe they have a creative streak that they are dying to unleash. Book them onto an art class or photography course. Whatever your partner is passionate about, help them take it to the next level with a little extra help.

I hope you liked my ideas and remember, don’t delay on your shopping!

Laura x

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