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Recently my little blog has been ticking away nicely and I have been working with some absolutely fantastic brands. If you had told me 4 months ago that I would have had over 2600 page views, I would have snorted and laughed (yes snorted, I actually do that occasionally when laughing!) This has meant that I have had to re-think a lot of the ways that I manage the emails coming through from companies, other bloggers and even just twitter notifications sometimes.

I recently spotted a company I had never heard of called 4th Office and applied to use their cloud storage system straight away. I love finding a new system that I think will help save me time and gain some sort of control over my life. It basically acts as your online desk where you can store messages, tasks, documents and also see group messages internally and externally. I have used it to email friends to get some blog feedback about what they want to see from my posts and useful comments they have.

I have been able to gather my messages/emails into handy folders like scheduling which means I can put tasks into the folder with a timescale that reminds me to sort blog posts out for a certain time. They are easy to change and amend to fit around me and not put myself under too much pressure.

I also put my Brand/PR emails into a client folder as part of 4th Office as normally I have agreed to collaborate with them on a post and it means I can keep them all in one place and keep them separate to normal day-to-day emails or junk mail that occasionally sneaks its way through to my normal email address.

I haven’t put the storage system to work properly yet but i have noticed that it can be linked to different community apps like Dropbox sync or google drive sync. This is a fantastic idea for a small business or office so that colleagues or other people can drop information in there to be stored for you all to see.

I have been super impressed with the facility to link it to your social media pages like LinkedIn or Facebook. I don’t have a LinkedIn set up currently but it’s on my agenda and as soon as it’s sorted, I’ll link them up together. Best of all about this platform is that it’s free at entry-level, and since my blog is just me!, I think that counts as entry-level.

How do you all keep your blogging life organised? Have you used 4th Office?


Laura x

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