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We’ve owned our home for coming up to a year in July and it’s crazy how time has flown. One thing that is apparent as a homeowner, is all the little jobs you never really knew about.

When we moved in, we had to pay for someone to come out and replace the boiler as well as having the fascias painted (the edging round your roof/garage etc). You don’t want to spend a fortune on these things but equally you want to get the best service possible without being ripped off. That’s where the power of the internet has come in these last 10 months and search websites like Bidvine have become ever so useful.

Bidvine works in a few easy steps:

Tell us what you need

Answer a few service-specific questions so we match your need to the right pros for the job.

Get bids and hire

Compare multiple bids as well as company profiles and reviews.

Expect great service

Hire and work with the pro directly. Review their work on Bidvine.

It’s as simple as that.

Some of the services offered on the site include:

Photography: portrait photography, headshot photography, family photography, wedding photography

Learning: Piano, Guitar, and Spanish lessons

Home: interior painting, handyman help, man with a van

Fitness and Wellness: personal training, yoga, nutritionist, and massage therapy

I used this when looking for some painting work on the exterior of the house. It asked me some simple questions such as the type of property, how many levels, how big the property is and so on before asking me to create account before the work was put to the pros. It is simple and a really great way to find professional service at the click of a few buttons. Perfect for the working professional themselves who always has their phone on them to correspond.

So if you’re looking for some work or need a professional to do a job for you then look no further.

Laura x

*this has been a collaborative post with Bidvine, all content is my own*


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