Aim Education: Why you need to know who they are

Back at the start of June, my colleagues and I got the chance to take a day off work and have a day in the community working with a local Leeds based charity. One of my colleagues had a contact and found out that there was a fab non-for-profit organisation on the outskirts of Leeds, set up to create opportunities to overcome inequalities and to enrich the local Leeds community.


Here are the charity’s objectives:

•       Give young people opportunities to access education in an active, safe and inclusive environment.

•       Improve employability in the local community

•       Improve access to Sport, Health and Wellbeing amongst young people in Leeds.

•       Enable ex-service personnel an opportunity to reintegrate into civilian life by providing work experience and training.

•       Offer opportunities for ex-offenders within the AIM Education framework.

Now the week we decided to volunteer with the charity, it was half term which means a change for the team at the Mill on Stanningley Road, and instead of working with all 11-17 year olds, it was 13 and under activity camps on the agenda.

It was a clear Thursday and the 3 of us made our way to spend the day playing capture the flag and team building games with the charity’s team and lots of energetic kids. (bit of a change from our desk jobs). We played a mixture of games meaning lots of running around…

013 014 015

Before being split into our capture the flag games…

012 011

The day was full of enthusiasm and after each round of games, the kids were able to sit and have their snack and drinks or lunches which meant lots of chatting and finding out more about the charity.

During the holidays the charity runs activity camps offering kids something different every day and the staff work hard to make sure its fun and interesting, keeping participation levels high. When it’s not the school holidays, the charity works to help 11-17 year olds who struggle with mainstream schooling, the chance to work in a different environment and give them a more personalised schooling system.

The location of the charity is pretty well hidden. I got lost several times just trying to find the building. You can find the school in the Old Mill off Stanningley Road Leeds, and without actually walking up to the building to check the small sign on the side, you wouldn’t spot it.

As well as all of this, the team work hard on different events throughout the year and have a close relationship with some well-known rugby league players as well. They have their own Twitter and Facebook pages if you want to check them out further.

I think this charity is fab personally and the team are incredible with all the hard work they do. Please check out their pages for further information, and I can’t wait to visit them again in the future.

Laura x

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