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Earlier this year I discovered the world of half + half mattresses. That’s right you heard me correct.

A half + half mattress is essentially where one half is on style of firmness and the other half, a completely different style. I knew these existed but initially thought they would be extremely expensive before discovering Tweak Mattress.

Since buying my first home, I’ve discovered just how important it is to have a good mattress and when the opportunity to review a mattress from Tweak fell into my lap, I wholeheartedly jumped at the chance.

Here’s a quote directly from the website:

“Your journey to a
better night’s sleep”

“We are all individual in our sleep habits but often we compromise on our comfort needs to satisfy our partner. What if you could each find your perfect level of comfort? We set out to design and manufacture the ultimate mattress with a half-and-half comfort layer. The result is Tweak. A bespoke, tailor-made mattress redesigned for couples.”

All Tweak mattresses are made in the UK with a 10-year warranty and are made up of 1800 individual pocket springs.

Once well aware of the facts, I placed my order and selected a mattress with half firm and half soft cushioning. I also got given a medium firm insert to swap in if I decided the firmness wasn’t quite right on one side.

My opinion after having using this mattress for a couple of months now is how comfortable the mattress is on both sides. I haven’t been disappointed in comfort or the fact that I don’t seem to overheat when sleeping on it. A problem I have had on other mattresses and is a genuine issue for people.

The mattresses range from a double to a super king and cost wise they start at £840 and go all the way up to £990. Tweak offer 0% finance on their mattresses with free delivery which is another unique selling point for a web based shop. The fact that they let you try the mattress out for 100 nights before making your mind up fully, is also a great win as it gives you time to make up your mind fully.

I’m really impressed with this company and their product and would definitely recommend them to friends or family in fact I already have.

If you’re on the lookout for a new mattress with a little something different then have a look on their site and see if it takes your fancy.

Laura x 

*This mattress was sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, all content and photos are my own as always*

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