A Letter to 16 year old me

I turn 26 this year, and I won’t lie, it’s a strange feeling knowing I will be past halfway to 30. I’m not scared by any means, it’s just an odd thought if anything. I thought I would start this week with a letter to my 16-year-old self and some words of advice for past me.

Dear 16-year-old Laura,

STEP AWAY FROM THE TWEEZERS!!!! Your eyebrows will thank you but just be grateful you don’t go crazy and overpluck them bad boys into oblivion. You are rocking some bushy brows these days and will be proud of them. (Just look at those brows…..)


You are about to embark on your journey to college soon and it’s going to be very different. You will get drunk on many occasions and vow to never drink again, but believe me you do and it gets much better when you start drinking nicer alcohol. You even like drinking red wine now… I know CRAZY!

Try more foods, it will be another couple of years until you even try a steak and you bloody love it cooked RARE. Who saw that coming?? You won’t like prawns though so don’t even bother with that one. Do try to eat less dairy and yes I mean that cheese you are probably stuffing into your face right now. You have some belly issues down the line and the culprit is dairy so eat it sparingly.

Don’t pick your spots, it’s easier said than done I will agree, but by god you will be grateful. I hate to tell you, but your skin is still a pain in the a*** but nowadays you’re embracing more specialised skin care and favouring a lot less makeup.

Match your foundation to your skin tone. Yes i am telling you that your jaw and neck do not match and yes it does look stupid. Enough said.

Spend less money on clothes when you start working for that high street fashion retailer. It’s too tempting with that discount but you will benefit more from the extra pennies in the future.

You will meet a boy when you are 17 and 8 years down the line, said boy is now a man and is talking weddings with you and buying a house with you. He may be daft at times and take time to mature but he’s worth it.


You will start working an office type role and find you are flipping great at it, despite hands down saying this is something you would never do. Embrace it and work hard because it will pay off.

Future you is happy, enjoying life, love and family. You should be pretty darned happy with what’s to come. Enjoy xx


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