7 Days in Instagram Snaps

I am not an avid Instagram user, and most of the time, forget to upload snaps in the moment and then look back thinking damn later on! Last week, I was on my A game and made a conscious effort to upload every day to up my Insta game. I thought I would share a 7 day look into my feed so you can get a glimpse of my life and an idea of many more to come going forward.

Day 1 – A look into the Proactiv Skincare regime I’ve started


Day 2 – The #GotMaHurrDid emoji air freshener hanging in my Bro’s car

Ā 007

Day 3 – The start of a new trial ft The Beauty Kitchen


Day 4 – Millie sprawled out on the bed watching me eat cereal (exciting times I know!)


Day 5 – The Scoff Club review over on my blog


Day 6 – My Recent Beauty Buys with some lovely new bits to try out


Day 7 – Millie enjoying a super sunny Saturday in York


If you can’t already guess, expect to see more of Millie in my feed, more beauty bits from my blog and every so often a smattering of mouth-watering food. I intend to up my game more so take a look if you have the time.


Laura x

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