A great way to watch new Movies at home

Now I’m on maternity leave; albeit with a newborn baby now, I’m taking the opportunity to blog more and watch TV box sets and movies whenever possible.

We love watching movies in our house but admittedly now there is a newborn in the house, the opportunity to watch them as frequently as we used to has seriously declined.

Cinema Paradiso is a DVD rental service that allows you the chance to create a list of movies/tv shows you would like to watch and when the DVD becomes available, they will send them out first class in the post to your door. There are over 90’000 titles to choose from so it can take a while to curate your perfect list. The best thing about the service is that you can keep the DVD’s as long as you would like and upon return, a new title will be sent out to you.

The service is subscription based and comes in a number of different levels including unlimited monthly rentals:

2 DVD’s at a time and unlimited a month – £11.98 per month

3 DVD’s at a time and unlimited a month – £19.98 per month

4 DVD’s at a time and unlimited a month – £29.98 per month

They also offer a limited monthly rental service as per below:

1 at a time and 2 DVD’s per month – £4.98 per month

2 at a time and 4 DVD’s per month – £6.98 per month

2 at a time and 6 DVD’s per month – £9.98 per month (14 day free trial period available)

Sign up is straightforward and creating a list is even easier. They have a section for future releases as well so you can save titles that you would like to receive when they officially launch on the site.

Once you’ve created your list, the site will check which are available for allocation then send them out to you as per your level of subscription.

I received my first 2 DVD’s promptly and by first class mail as specified on the site.

The envelope doubles up as the return envelope as well so you can return your DVD’s when ready which reduces paper waste and is very environmentally friendly.

The service overall is efficient and works great for someone like myself who’s at home with a baby and wants to watch the occasional movie without hassle.

Laura x

This has been a collaborative post with CinemaParadiso.

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