2018 – My goals

I’ve been wanting to write this post ever since the turn of the new year but frankly, getting motivated to do so was difficult. It’s not that I didn’t want to blog, it’s more I struggled with my goals for the year and what I wanted to happen.

It took me a few days to come up with some core goals that were realistic and not way above achievable, but were also not completely time-consuming now that my priority is my child. No longer can I be selfish, I have to put my beautiful little girl first and my goals come second especially when it comes to blogging which is a hobby.

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1.Make sure we meal plan each and every week

So this is quite an important one as when we did it last year, we managed to save a lot of money on our food shopping. We’ve already started doing this and by stocking up on supermarket own label for cupboard staples, we can see a difference once again.

2.Blog at least once a week

This might sound like a pathetic amount of blogging to some people and compared to last year when I blogged 3 times some weeks, this is a huge drop. I’ve decided that I will put more thought into my content and dedicate time each week to blog but if I work with a brand for example, I will increase my posts on certain weeks. I remain dedicated to working with fantastic brands like I did last year, but I want to ensure that I spend as much time with Freya as possible.

3.Save, Save, Save

This one will be hard, given that in 6 months time, my wage will be non-existent and we will be relying on savings before I go back to work in September/October. This means using sites like Topcashback & Quidco to earn cashback before we make any planned purchases. (And wanting to be transparent in present day, those were referral links that would earn me cashback should you decide to use them to sign up, I would love you forever). It also means being more frugal with my spending and thinking whether I actually need something opposed to wanting it.

4.Book our first family holiday

Hence goal number 3. We really want to go on a family holiday before I return to work and this means saving as much as we can so we can really enjoy it. We have been pricing it up this week and are planning on nipping to the travel agents in the next couple of weeks to get some quotes. I also need to get Freya’s passport sorted out which is another expense but very much worth it.

5.Carry on with exercise

This is a new one and to date I have only managed 1 x 30 minute HIIT exercise session in my living room. I started off by saying I wanted to lose the last 7lbs of baby weight but if I’m being honest the actual weight gain left is about 14lbs. I was tiny before I had Freya and probably looked a bit on the thin side. Some of you reading that might think “what a cow” but I’ve come to terms with the fact that my hips are a lot wider and I’m ok with that. I don’t want to lose weight as such anymore and I’m concentrating on toning up and being healthy instead.


This is a pretty self-explanatory goal and that’s to enjoy every single minute. I read a story today about a woman my age in Australia who got cancer and passed away and it really made me think about life and how it really needs to be lived. I want to enjoy every single minute this year and look back in awe at what a fantastic year it has been.

Have you set yourself any goals for the year? Leave me your links in the comments.

Laura x


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  1. Happy New Year to you and your family.

    I believe your last ‘goal’, is probably the most important and one really that should be everyone’s top priority each and every morning they wake.
    it’s not about living life to the max – ‘buy the shoes’ esq, it’s about really making the most of what you have, especially the people in your life. And more so with being a parent, it’s about leaving a daily legacy. What do you wish them to remember. Which I guess goes for human’s in general. A smile and a hello goes a longer way than you care to think to some people.


  2. Happy New Year! Good luck with your goals this year, I’m sure you will smash them! I saw on Twitter that you’ve managed to book your family holiday so that’s one down already! I hope you have a fabulous time!

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