Things to Think About Before Moving in With a Partner

Making the decision to move in with a loved one is a big decision to make. You could be thinking of doing so because you’ve recently decided to take your relationship to a new level or because you want to start a family. Whatever the case, whether you’re married or not, choosing to live under the same roof can have many implications. It is, therefore, important to do adequate research before making the big move. In addition to doing your homework, having honest conversations with your partner is also essential. On that note, you will find a few things to consider before moving in with a loved one below.

Whether You’re Ready

Before moving in with a partner, you should ensure that it’s the right step for you. It is a big decision, so if you have any major concerns or doubts, it may be better to put careful thought and consideration into it first. One way to do this is by discussing it with one another and being sure that it’s something that you both want without adding pressure or coercion. Once you’re sure that it’s a joint agreement, you can then begin to look into other key aspects such as where you want to live and the living arrangements.

How You’re Managing Finances

Finances can often make or break a relationship. In light of this, discussing these things beforehand is key. Some things you may want to know about include how you’ll be paying the bills, how you’ll be handling childcare if you’ve got kids and if you want prenups if you intend on getting married. You should make sure your expectations on such matters are clear, and you mutually agree before moving in with one another. Other key things to think about before moving in are what happens if one of you loses their job, whether you want to share an account as well as what’s worth spending money on. By doing so, you should have an idea if it’s something that you’re up for.

What Happens if You Break Up

Although nobody hopes to break up with their partner, there is a possibility that it could happen. You should, therefore, think about what you both would do in that scenario and how you would deal with things like joint accounts, furniture, electric appliances, as well as joint expenses like mortgages. Aside from discussing it with one another, perhaps consider looking for family law solicitors in London who can advise as well as help you get a written agreement so that things are distributed fairly. Doing so should give you the peace of mind as well as the clarity that you need.

Choosing to live with a loved one can make your relationship stronger. For some, it proves to be a step in the right direction, while for others it could be problematic. Whatever the case, it’s important that you clearly state your expectations as well as communicate your wants and needs before finalizing things. By doing so, you should find that you’re more likely to be able to cohabitate successfully.

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