The Interior Dreams of a Teenage Girl

When I was younger I always had an image of what I wanted my house to look like and absolutely loved walking round Ikea with my mum and planning it all in my head. In reality a trip to Ikea now means walking out the door without what I was looking for but a bag full of random stuff well in hand!

Something I absolutely adored growing up was the big wallpaper murals that looked like a city skyline or the middle of a forest and always thought it would be so cool to have one in my house one day. I still do actually but as a homeowner I know now my DIY limitations and as a short individual, would need a tremendous amount of help to get one up on the walls.

It’s definitely got me thinking about design ideas for Freya’s room growing up and how I’d love to create a fun and vibrant space for her to flourish in. Even if I need 5 or 6 people to help me to get one of these murals on the wall, I am determined to do it one day. has a huge collections of fantastic wall murals and photo wallpaper including the ability to upload your own photo. I think that’s such an amazing concept as it would be so special to have one of your own photos on there especially if it held meaning to you. I’ve picked out some of my favourite murals that I think would look incredible in a child’s bedroom/nursery or study and would be the perfect addition to any home.

Autumn Forest – I love a print where the images are shapes and the colours on this one are so warm and cosy feeling that I think it would look lovely in a bedroom or study/lounge.

*Collaborative post*

Lake Forest – I’m sensing a theme with my choices so far but this one is more pastel colours. I absolutely adore this one just because it’s so pretty.

Dinosaurs – I think this one kinda speaks for itself but is ideal for a kids room or play room of some fashion.

Cherry Geo Pattern – Is bold but ideal for a home office and I love the marble addition to the other strong colours.

World White Flags – This is the kind of mural I dreamt of as a teenager and is something I would totally put in Freya’s room one day. Looks great and is also educational so a win-win.

Dawn – I love a good mountain scene and this cartoon-esque coloured one is amazing, definitely one for a nursery perhaps.

These are a mere 6 images that I’ve selected that I love and would love to have in a future home, but on the site there are over 1 million images for you to choose between so best get started if it’s something you’ve thought about doing as it may take you a while to decide.

Laura x

*This is a collaborative post; all content is my own and images are press images*

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