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Don’t worry I’m not here to tell you we’ve changed our minds again about moving house but to share a fantastic feature wall idea that I found online and is giving me some serious interior inspiration.

Brick Slips or Brick Effect Tiles are made to look like real bricks but are thin and lightweight so ultimately are space-saving unlike real bricks. Once they have been fitted and grouted, they will give the appearance of an actual brick wall without the weight or loss of space.

Photo credit // Collaborative Post

Since spotting these online, I’ve now started re-designing the kitchen with these in mind and thinking how cool it would make it look. Our kitchen is probably the only room in the house we won’t have done anything to cosmetically once we have finished other than changing the sink and putting a dishwasher in.

Some of my favourite Brick Slips that I’ve seen include a traditional looking brick effect like the photo above.

I also love a white brick effect look as well which would look great in a modern white kitchen to make it feel a little more farmhouse/country home than modern.

But before I get ahead of myself, its time to tackle just one room at a time and this weekend we’ve started with the family bathroom. Bob has put in the new shower and taps on the bath and next week the shower screen will be arriving to finish it off as well as putting in a new extractor fan.

Laura x

*Collaborative post but as always all content is my own*

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