My house looks so bare!

At the start of this week, Bob & I made the decision to take our Christmas Tree down and pack it away in the loft. My first thought was how all the lovely festive cheer was over and done with for a whole year. My second thought was “Oh Pants – my house is gonna look bare!”

Here was our lovely Tree:

We only moved into our house 6 months ago so with it being our first Christmas in the house, we are still figuring out what our traditions are going to be and I guess taking the tree down might become our first. We bought our gorgeous tree from John Lewis and even the baubles were bought from there too. The lights were purchased from B&Q and we added some oyster coloured beads which aren’t in the photo for a bargain £1 from Asda.

As a child, I was always told that your christmas tree/decorations should be put up 12 days before Christmas day and taken down 12 days after. I guess this kind of stuck with me because I was really torn as to when to bring my tree down. Technically sticking to this tradition would have seen my tree stay up for an extra 4 days, however being an adult means you take the easy option sometimes and it was easier to bring it down on bank holiday Monday instead.

I found myself genuinely scowling at the lamp in the corner of the room which stood in place of my beautiful tree. I have an open plan lounge/diner so I can see the very spot from my sofa and I just sat moaning to Bob about how bare it looked for a good 48 hours.

This then got me thinking about the traditions and after a browse on the world wide web (Yes I just wrote that down); I stumbled across this post from Festive Lights. According to this almost half of people surveyed about their traditions confirmed they take the decorations and tree down on the 6th of Jan – 12 days after Christmas. Not gonna lie though, the 5% who take their tree down on Boxing Day shocked me to my core. WHY? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

I started questioning my colleagues at work and found they were all over the place with taking down their decorations and not many had traditions. If truth be told, although ours came down on Bank Holiday Monday after New Years day, this may change when we start a family in the future as the excitement of Christmas will be even more special. It is evident that people like tradition in a lot of instances but I think it depends on what you were told growing up and whether you still live with family where you might not get much say anyway!

I have decided that because we only bought our tree on the 12th of December 2016 and therefore did not have it up long, in 2017 it will be put up from 1st December because I just love Christmas. Imagine Buddy from Elf but with my face (attractive right?!) then you’re pretty spot on with how much I love Christmas.

So folks please feel free to drop me a comment below telling me about your traditions and when you took your decorations down; I’d love to hear from as many of you as possible.

Laura x

*This has been a collaborative post*


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