It’s Countdown time!

This year is not only our first Christmas in the home we bought this year, but it’s actually the first Christmas we are waking up together and spending the whole day with one another. You heard me correct, after 8.5 years together we are finally having our first Christmas together.

We are planning to buy our first tree this weekend and have lots of ideas on how to decorate it which is very exciting, as I absolutely love Christmas. I was recently contacted to work together with school locker supplier, Action Storage to decorate a wooden advent calendar in the form of a house. With it being our first Christmas, I loved the idea and was very excited to get started.

I received the calendar in the post and then hopped off to HobbyCraft to purchase what I needed to create my house.

This is what I started with:


This is the supplies I needed:


I started by painting the house with a couple of layers of paint:


And then some more paint because the wood just soaked it all up:


I did some more touches here and there (with my fiance’s help as I got bored several times of literally watching paint dry) before gluing on the gorgeous winter themed wooden toppers. I did originally plan to stamp the numbers on but they didn’t work that well so the idea was scrapped. Instead I purchased some metallic sharpies and hand wrote them on the doors and VOILA!

026 027

I know it’s not perfect in some places but actually to say I did this for a couple of hours at the weekend and then on an evening after work, I don’t think it’s been a bad attempt. It now has pride of place on our living room table and is ready to be filled with Advent chocolate.

If you’ve attempted anything like this before then feel free to leave me your links in the comments.

Laura x

*This has been a collaborative post with Action Storage but no payment has been received*

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