Is it time to move house? An update!

If you read my previous post about potentially moving house, you will know that we were torn between upsizing or improving our existing home. Well we made a decision and the plan is to improve our home and add our style to it, and if the right property comes up then to see what happens.

*collaborative post*

The house is pretty awesome as it is really but there’s minor improvements to several rooms that can be done to make it better or appeal to a buyer in future. Some of those include:


Painting the living room area as the walls have been the same colour for around 4 years we would guess.

Adding a shower to our family bathroom over the existing bath

Possibly changing the shower completely in our en-suite

Painting the downstairs WC from an ugly blue shade to a more neutral colour

Possibly upgrading or re-painting skirting boards

Painting the front door and garage


We’ve already done quite a few things to the house in the 2 years we’ve been in which considering 11 months of that time has been consumed by a tiny human, we’ve not done too badly.


We’ve decorated the third bedroom which is the nursery but is neutral colour wise

Re-painted the hallway and landing from a mocha colour to an off white-yellow shade which made it look 10x lighter and more inviting.

Added a handrail to the stairs. There was one at some point but it must have been removed, but during pregnancy I definitely needed it.

Re-painted the family bathroom which might now need a few touch ups once we sort the shower

Added a dishwasher and brand new sink to the kitchen

The tasks we do need to do aren’t mammoth apart from painting the living room area as it’s big but when you have a baby to look after as well, it’s easier said than done. We are basically going to utilise annual leave before I return to work to get these jobs done as well as weekends where available. I can’t wait to share our progress and will remember to take some before and after shots to show the differences even if they are small.

Laura x

*Collaborative post but all content is my own as usual*


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