Is it time to move house?

Now that we have a little one who is edging towards 1-year-old, it’s got Bob and I thinking about house size and the amount of space these little humans take up.

A question that’s been lingering for a few weeks has been whether to move house now to somewhere bigger or stay put for a few more years as we have the room for another child but then start looking on Rightmove.


To say it’s a difficult decision is an understatement as it seems to be one we’ve been discussing every day recently but there are pro’s and cons to both sides.

If we move now we take the hit financially mortgage wise as it would be a bigger expenditure each month but one we could pay at the moment and still lead a comfortable lifestyle. However there wouldn’t be a holiday more than likely for a few years unless it’s a staycation or days out here or there in the UK.

A massive positive of moving would be having a bigger space for us to grow into as a family and be able to possibly have our forever home rather than having to think about moving again down the line (unless it was due to a work commitment of course).

One downside to staying put is the space especially when we decide to try for another child and if we are lucky enough to have a second child. We have a 3 bed house at the moment so plenty of bedrooms but storage is an issue and we have been making never-ending trips to the loft and garage to store items for the future that are no longer needed for Freya now. Something that would be less of an issue with a bigger house.

A positive of staying put would be the ability to really try to bring down our mortgage debt whilst doing up the home and DIY jobs here and there. As we are in an ok position financially at the moment, it would mean we could still afford luxuries like holidays and eating out more frequently as well as being able to work on the house.

A few jobs that could be done in the home include replacing the shower in the en-suite, painting and a few odd jobs where a discount flooring company would be required as some of the bits of skirting etc were left in naff condition when we bought it. (I’m well aware we’ve been in the house 2 years and not fixed them yet *facepalm*)

I think by staying put and doing these few jobs we could add a little bit more value to the house for a future sale but we are well aware that there’s always an upper limit with houses this size and wouldn’t want to get too spendy.

If you’re curious as to what we decide to do then keep your eyes on my Instagram as I will be sharing soon as we need to decide sooner rather than later and will of course let you lovely lot know as well.

Laura x

*This is a collaborative post*

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