How to make any garden look Pinterest worthy

Yes it may still be January but I can’t lie, I’m already planning how my garden may look this summer. Once it starts getting a bit brighter and drier, we plan to get out into the garden and make it look beautiful again.

We bought our home just under 7 months ago and were lucky to have some beautiful weather not long after moving in. Our family gave us a table and chairs to sit outside on and several evenings were spent in the company of friends enjoying a good drink. The plan is to make the garden look Pinterest worthy again and make it come alive after all this horrid cold weather we’ve been having. I’m always browsing sites to find quirky furniture or lighting and came across Cox & Cox Outdoor Living range.

My favourite thing about this site is their huge selection and their choice of truly unique bits and pieces. Here is what my garden looked like last year when we had moved in:

As you can see, we’ve got a stunning garden to work with and add to and there’s even more space to the left of the picture which you don’t see above. Here are a few of the items I’m looking at purchasing to make my garden Pinterest worthy.


Copper Chimney Light // £55

Bulb Festoon Lights // £45

Rusty Brazier // £80

Tall Copper Planter // £50

I’m not ashamed to say I love Copper and I think it will look incredible in my garden. We also really want a fire pit and this Brazier is perfect for garden parties an BBQ’s. I can’t wait for Spring-Summer now to finally get out and enjoy my beautiful garden more. Cox & Cox offer a huge range as I said on outdoor and indoor living and it’s well worth a look.

Laura x

*(this has been a collaborative post)*

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