How to Create an Exterior Oasis for a Desert Theme Landscape

Hearing the word desert immediately takes us to the land of sand dunes and cactus. This picture is embedded in our mind since our childhood. All the fairy tales of the childhood reminds us of the vast expanse of yellow sands that meet the horizon. As everything has to have something good in it, it is true for the deserts as well. When one reaches an oasis after a long journey, his mind becomes full of joy for the refreshing comfort of the place.

An Oasis is like the heart of the desert. It always has a water source and provides habitat for the humans and a resting place for the caravans. It also brings hope in the minds of the people who have a tough time traveling through the desert. Based on these theme desert landscaping has gained popularity in the recent times. Now the creative people have brought this desert theme on the urban lands also. They create a desert landscape using sand, stone, desert plant and cactus to enliven the space.

If it is your home or commercial space happens to be in drought areas, creating a desert theme landscape is the most ideal. No matter if it is your residence or a posh hotel, luxury restaurant or a theme park; you can implement the desert theme landscape to give a nice facelift to the place. The cactus and other desert plants grow slowly and these are easy to maintain. Having a minimalist look the desert theme landscape is great for the modern residential complexes and commercial settings as well.

An Oasis is an integral part of the desert. That is why an Oasis should be included in the desert them landscapes for successful implementation. Here are some ways that will give an idea of creating an oasis for a desert theme landscape.

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Choose the right elements

Like any other landscape theme, the trees, plants and other landscaping elements should be picked carefully to deliver a desert look. There are plenty of trees, plants, and cactus that impart unique structural formation. You can combine the traditional elements with modern items like concrete for a striking landscape design.

Layer with lush green trees and plants

Landscaping themes pivot around the trees and plants and, therefore, Selection and placement of the desert-friendly plants are to be considered first. Palms and other large leaf plants are the spice and salt of desert theme landscape. You can build a nice peripheral line using lush green trees. Choose different sizes of the trees and plants for having a nice textured layer. If your home or commercial setting has a swimming pool, then you are already on the desert landscape theme. Adorn the place with palms and cactus. This will turn your swimming pool into a nice oasis.

Include natural stones and gravels

Including natural stones and gravels is great to upgrade the look of your homes and commercial spaces. You can use those for flavouring up the pathways that are adorned with desert plants on the two sides. In case, the budget does not permit including natural stones, you may opt for the gravels that are collected from rivers for enlivening your residential or commercial complexes. While these impart a rugged desert look, they also help to cover up the ground flaws.

Add water features

An oasis is all about the water sources in the desert and, therefore, you must include a water feature in the lawn of your residential and commercial complexes for successful implementation of desert theme landscape. Depending on the space constraint and budget sanctions, you may excavate a pond, or have a cascading water feature or can turn a decorative pot into a fountain. If you can have something that recycles water, that will create an eco-friendly focal point in the desert landscape. Surround the water source with desert plants and cactus to make it look like natural.

Decorate with tropical accents

Desert theme landscape is never complete without orchids and cacti. These have a strikingly exotic beauty and, when included any landscape, can instantly transform that into a nice desert vibe. Place them in decorated pots for a nice look.

Imitate the nature

The best way to create a desert landscape is to imitate the nature. You can include saguaro cactus, American yucca and other desert plants to build a blooming desert landscape. You should add a bunch of plants than adding a single plant. This will create a nice vignette that makes the eyes roll.

Also, add shrubs & succulents

Shrubs help to create a nice desert vibe and the succulents can fill the open areas in the landscape. Use these densely for creating a desert-like look in the outdoor areas.

Use faux greens

Live plants require lot maintenance that involves dedicated people and recurring cost. In most of the cases, it turns out to be a headache for the home and office owners. These require the right types of soil and need time to grow. Shedding leaves is another problem with the live plants. You have to arrange cleaning up the mess. They also attract insects and bugs and prone to mould growth.

Faux greens are the panacea for all landscaping issues. These have passed through many evolutions and now professionally made from high-quality foliage and strong colourfast pigments to make the absolutely realistic. You can have artificial trees and plants in many varieties of trees, plants, topiaries, palms, and foliage. The great thing about the faux landscaping elements is that they can be tailor-made to suit any landscaping theme. UV blocking materials are infused in the faux greens and for that, unlike the live plants, these never fade or get discoloured. Special fire-resistant chemicals are also infused in the foliage through injection moulding process making that self-extinguishing. These do not help spread the fire. Coming in standard bases these are very easy to install. Unlike the live plants, these do not have any waiting period and continue to adorn the place from the day one. Once installed, you can forget about them.

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