Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

If you read my blog regularly, cast your mind back to early December when I wrote all about tracking my sleep and how it was benefitting my sleeping pattern and habits. Now I’m back for another sleep related feature but this time it’s all about the thing you sleep on; your mattress!

Hopefully you are aware that having a bad mattress can give you back problems as well as a bad sleeping pattern, but if you’ve paid attention to any of those bed adverts on the TV, you’ll know that you should change your mattress every 8 years roughly. 8 years ago, Bob & I were 18 and lived at home with hand me down mattresses as you do, and unsurprisingly when we bought our first house last year, one of said hand me down’s came with us.

Fast forward 6 months and the lovely folks at Leesa dropped me an email to offer me one of their amazing mattresses: BRILLIANT!

(how the Leesa Mattress arrived – can you believe it’s in there?!)

Here’s the concept to the Leesa buying process:

Order online so no having to lay on a mattress awkwardly in a shop whilst the salesperson just stares at you.

No nonsense, built to order in 3-5 working days and shipped in 1-2 working days.

If you’re not sleeping better on your Leesa mattress within 100 days, they will donate the mattress to charity and give you a 100% refund.

Everything sounding wonderful so far am I right?

(how to set up your Leesa Mattress)

Now we delve into the story behind the mattress:

One Goal – To help people sleep better!

Three unique foam layers working together for a universal adaptive feel as well as an airflow system to prevent overheating in the night.

All the benefits of a memory foam mattress without that “sinking feeling”

Still sounding good so far…

(The mattress being unwrapped and laid out on the bed to rise)

Now here’s the amazing bit:

Any mattresses that are returned within the 100-day period will be donated to a local charity, or if one can’t be found – will be recycled!!

Their One–Ten programme donates one mattress for every ten sold. A recent event at Mustard Tree saw them donate 62 mattresses to their charitable cause: have also just announced that they will donate a minimum of 300 mattresses over the coming year to support homeless shelters in the city of London.

The social impact of this brand is outstanding and makes me love them so much more than just their comfy mattress.

You’ve read the story behind the brand and now you’re probably thinking “tell us Laura, how did you sleep?”

The answer is great of course. The mattress does move to shape your body just like memory foam and springs back immediately in the morning. I did notice some warmth when going to bed from the mattress which could be the airflow system retaining some warmth but I haven’t had any bad night’s sleep because of it: winning!

Now rather than lay on the mattress and snap some photos which would look bizarre, I employed the family dog Millie to pose for some photos below.

Millie is a big fan and loves to nap on the new mattress during the day!

And below is a picture of the very plumped up mattress after only 30 minutes. As you can see, it’s so plumped it’s bigger than the bed frame and oh so comfy.

So to round off this long but very informative post:

I have a new mattress which is a dream to sleep on

Leesa are awesome and very charitable

It has family dog seal of approval

If you want to buy one for yourself then click here to get £50 off your purchase.

Thanks for reading as always

Laura x

*this mattress was sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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