Creating the perfect reading area at home

Being able to wind down and relax with a good book is one of life’s simplest pleasures and creating a reading area in your home will not only encourage you to do it more, but make it all the enjoyable.

This is my simple guide for creating the perfect reading area at home with a few simple steps.

Of course, you might not have the space for this sort of area, in those cases it might be something as simple as lighting your favourite candle in your room while you read, something that instantly transports you to the head space of taking the time for yourself and something that you enjoy.

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The comfortable chair

Whether it’s a chair that’s already part of your sofa set, or something that you buy to decorate a corner, having a dedicated chair that you use for reading allows everyone else to know that this is a little bit of me-time that you don’t really want to be disturbed.

A high-back winged chair is perfect for a reading chair, but if it doesn’t fit well with your décor a statement colour or something plain that’s decorated with cushions works just as well. As long as it’s comfortable for you, that’s the main thing.

Regularly checking your local Homesense or TK Maxx is the perfect way to ensure you get something that’s statement, one-off and won’t necessarily break the bank either.

Cosy throw

When the sun goes down we’re still reaching for our throws in the evening, sometimes a chill can just appear and a cosy throw is the perfect option when everyone else is feeling just the right temperature at home. Plus, they’re great for adding a touch of decoration to your reading space too. If you have something thick and fluffy you might want to change it for a cotton throw for the spring and summer months Next always have some trend-led options that you could shop and Primark have a selection of budget-friendly options too.

Storage pouffe

These are great for storing the latest book you’re reading, plus some others that you might have lined up too. Plus, putting your feet up whilst you read is definitely one of the most comfortable positions you can sit in.

The great thing about these is that they don’t have to be super fancy, or really expensive either, George at Asda always has options available that are less than £20. Plus, it’s a great place to store throws too, if you’d prefer not to have them out all of the time.

Ambient lighting

Whilst ceiling lights can be functional they’re not exactly mood-setting are they, when you want to relax and get into your new book you’ll want to create an ambient setting and soft lighting is the perfect way to do this. Check out First Lighting for a range of reading lights that are both practical and mood-making too.

Relaxing scent

Set the mood for when you read with a relaxing scent that instantly transports you to a calmer and more serene space, whether it’s lighting a candle, incense or using a room diffuser having a scent that you associate with your reading space is great for setting the scene.

Laura x

*This has been a collaborative post*

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