3 Important Tips for Creating a Healthy Environment in Your Home

Are you aware of the fact that more people die from home accidents than on road in the UK each year? According to author John Thackara, in the year 2005 there was an average of 3,000 deaths attributed to accidents at home while only half that number resulted from traffic accidents. This is just one key fact to substantiate just how unhealthy our homes can be. Whilst many of those deaths resulted from tripping and falling, some were the result of unhealthy conditions could have been easily remedied.

1. Install Automatic Window Actuators to Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Every year at least 80% of all fire fatalities are due to fires in the home and a great number of those are due to toxic smoke inhalation. Even if the fire doesn’t burn out of control, a person can quickly succumb to carbon monoxide poisoning before reaching a window or door to open. There are automatic smoke sensors for window actuators on the market from companies like tealproducts.com. These sensors can detect toxic odours in time to automatically open a window and keep smoke from building up in the home.

2. Keep Dust and Allergens to a Minimum

Whether or not you have allergies, dust mites can cause a reaction which results in an upper respiratory infection. Dust mites, if you haven’t heard of them, are tiny little creatures in the spider family that typically live on the fabric of beds, curtains and sofas. It is almost impossible to rid your home completely of these pests, but by regularly vacuuming and keeping your home humidified, you can often prevent so many of them from being airborne. Mostly dust mites cause a reaction in those allergic to them, but even those testing negative for allergies are known to suffer as well.

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3. Learn Safe Cooking Habits to Prevent Scalding and Burns

You have probably been focusing on cooking nourishing meals at home instead of buying prepared foods or takeaways which are known to be filled with chemical additives. That is all well and good except we tend to forget what mum taught us. When you are cooking on the range, it is vital to keep all handles turned inward.
An incredible number of cooking accidents result from brushing up against a handle, spilling boiling contents on yourself in the process. Water is bad enough but when that pot contains sauce or grease, you can end up with major 3rd degree burns. This habit is especially important in households with young children who have not learned the dangers of hot pots on the stove.

When All Is Said and Done…

It would be better to keep kids out of the kitchen altogether because of all those little hidden dangers. However, if you aren’t able to use a safety gate, get in the habit of keeping dangers locked and out of
reach. You can create a healthy and safe environment in your home if you take a quick inventory. Soon you’ll learn to spot the potential for danger and will then be in a better position to rectify the situation.

Your home is your castle so keep it healthy and safe for anyone who enters your threshold.

Laura x

*this has been a collaborative post*

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