Why I’m not a fan of the kitchen…

Despite things becoming a lot more equal in the world between Men & Women these days, I have faced the odd comment when it comes to who cooks in the house.

Yes that’s right, I’ll happily admit to not being the chef in the house and letting you know that it’s mostly my fiance that does the cooking. The plain and simple fact is that I detest cooking! I find no enjoyment whatsoever in standing cooking for us both or even myself for that matter. My fiance on the other hand loves cooking and is quite the dab hand in the kitchen, making the most amazing meals that I could never even begin to attempt myself.

When we planned to buy our first house together we got the ground rules laid out pretty early; he cooks and I sort the cleaning washing and ironing. He does help me clean when asked so don’t think he sits around because he is really good at just doing things round the house anyway. And I will drag myself to the kitchen when required to make a meal for us both despite my hatred.

I still think people are surprised when I say I genuinely don’t enjoy cooking and that my fiance does most of it. It’s crazy how many people have said “what? you never cook!” Of course I cook, I don’t go hungry but I prefer to just shove something simple into the oven, leave it for 20-30mins then enjoy.

To share why I really shouldn’t be allowed in a kitchen often I thought I’d put a few snaps of my cooking compared to my fiance’s and you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

My meal when left to cook on my own consists of southern fried chicken, wedges and coleslaw (This isn’t all I eat btw, I do eat other foods)


Compared to my fiance’s meals: Amazing Spiced mince dish with veggies, homemade Yoghurt dip and a wholemeal wrap.

Processed with Snapseed.

Fancy sunday dinner prep:

028 029

Amazing tomato and mozzarella bruschetta.


Chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cream cheese, spicy cheesy sweet potato and lots of veggies.


Egg noodles, Basa fillets spiced and lots of veggies with a peanut satay style sauce.


If you can look at all those pictures and tell me I’m still wrong for not wanting to cook and just enjoying my fiance’s awesome cooking instead then you’re daft. I will never change my mind about loving the kitchen apart from a spot of baking here or there which I don’t mind. Maybe I’ll change my mind in the future but for now I’m pretty lucky to have such an incredible cook for a fiance.

Laura x


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  1. Anybody can learn how to cook, but if you don’t enjoy it, beside the basics, I would imagine there is no point in learning.
    I love cooking, it’s something that gives me pleasure, I can be creative, I can try new things. Even on my own, I would prepare an interesting meal. Luckily, my husband loves cooking too and we share that.

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