Riverford Organic Farmers Box Review pt II

If you read my blog post on Sunday, you will have learnt all about the first recipe from our Riverford Organic Farmers Box. Well tonight it’s time for Recipe number 2 and on the menu was Steak & Chickpea Salad.



Now this is the part when I should have shown you pictures of the salad all made up before dishing up, or cooking the steak. But because I always think about my stomach, I completely forgot to take these! Thankfully I managed to take a photo before devouring the dish itself.

We added some French fries which were oven cooked to our dish as we are greedy and needed some more carbs in the dish. We both like our steaks rare so my husband cooked them to perfection and they tasted fab. Sirloin steak isn’t my favourite but he cooked these brilliantly. The salad was my favourite part; it was light but filling and tasted fantastic thanks to the orange, beetroot and carrot. I ended up using the leftover salad for my lunches over the following few days and can confirm, it tasted just as good when mixed with some pesto pasta.

Overall we were impressed with recipe number 2 and would make it again but would use a different cut of steak next time.

The final recipe will be coming your way this weekend which is a vegetarian dish that tasted incredible.

Laura x

*this post contains PR samples*


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