Riverford Organic Farmers Box Review Final Recipe

Here I bring you the final recipe from the Riverford Organic Farmers Box that we reviewed. If you didn’t read my previous 2 posts then please feel free to catch up HERE and HERE.

When we received the box, this was the recipe I was looking forward to most as a huge Halloumi fan. Bob is not the biggest fan of Halloumi so I was worried he wouldn’t enjoy this one as much as me. The recipe was for Sesame and Honey Halloumi.

Step 1: Ingredients

Step 2: Preparation

Step 3: Dished up

The Verdict:

In a surprising twist it was Bob that loved this dish more than I did. I actually enjoyed the different ingredients however I would substitute the honey out for a different binding agent as I think it made it too sweet. The Maftoul tasted great and was a completely new food for us both but we both agreed we’d eat it again.

Overall we were really pleased with our box and how fresh the ingredients were. It advises you to cook up the recipes within 5 days and can confirm we did this and everything was just as fresh as the day it arrived. If you’re stuck for cooking ideas or just fancy a change then this is an excellent product.

Laura x

*this post contains PR samples*

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