M&S York Market Place Launch

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of attending M&S York’s launch of their new Market Place in-store deli. What made it even better for the already popular city centre store, was that they were the first store in the North of England to open one.

The concept of the new market place deli is to bring fresh meals to shoppers in the city offering ready to eat meals that are cooked in the store. These include Rotisserie Chicken, Stone Baked Pizzas, Soups, Freshly Prepared Salads and even squeezed fruit juices. The food is very well priced as well and excellent value for money; you can get a 1/4 chicken + salad or a side for £5 – Bargain.

I was warmly greeted by the staff and talked through my food options. I chose the Pulled Rotisserie Chicken Pizza and a side of sweet potato fries. I also opted for a latte for my caffeine fix after Freya decided sleep was for the weak the night before.

The pizza slice was absolutely huge and the portion of fries was very generous so I can confirm it 100% excellent value for money and extremely yummy. I took Freya with me and the store colleagues helped me in manoeuvring my pram round the seating area and she sat happily eating a sweet potato chip while I munched away.

I think this is an absolute gem of an idea and after speaking to the Market Place Manager Shelley, could really see how proud the store team were to have it. Shelley spoke about the concept and how it catered to a different clientele to the café upstairs. I couldn’t help but agree as I used to work 2 doors down from the store and was always looking for a sandwich for lunch but this would offer something a little more special for your average worker needing a pick me up at lunch.

Overall I can’t help but be really happy with this latest addition to the city and have now found a new eatery for my future mum lunches whilst I’m on maternity leave.

Laura x

*I was invited to the launch of the market place and received my lunch for free in order to review the new concept in store*

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