Morden & Lea: restaurant review

I have been wanting to branch out a bit more lately from beauty reviews on my blog and have been throwing book reviews etc in there to see how they go down. So far so good, so I thought I would start the week off with a Foodie review of a restaurant the Boyfriend and I ate at a few weeks ago.

I was lucky enough to win a meal for 2 with a bottle of wine through the lovely people at Friday’s child, at the lovely Morden & Lea in London city centre. We had decided to go to London for a night anyway so it made sense to use my lovely competition win at the same time. So off we trotted to the restaurant at 7:30 on a very busy Saturday in London. The restaurant is located just off Leicester square and was really easy to find. (despite us doubting ourselves and google maps)


We got to choose where we sat and opted for an end table near the door as it was quite muggy in the air. We were handed the menu and told we could choose a few small plates/tartines to try out each. We opted for the mackerel, the sardines, some sour dough and the crab sausage roll. I won’t lie we were really worried about portion sizes when we ordered in case we would still be hungry later. We were definitely wrong in our assumptions.

002 003


The food was absolutely spot on; the highlight for both of us being the Crab sausage roll. It came highly recommended by the staff and they were so right. We also got a complimentary bottle of red wine which was lovely. We had a really fishy meal when I look back but all of the fish based items tasted incredible and we would have definitely have eaten the whole meal all over again. After polishing off the small plates we were offered a dessert and managed to pick this a lot quicker than the main. We chose a lime sorbet and a Set dark chocolate and mocha sherbert.


After eating half of each, we swapped and both agreed that the set dark chocolate dessert was superb, I reckon my boyfriend would have eaten the whole thing if I had let him. The lime sorbet had a great flavour and was very refreshing which made a nice end to a great meal.

I thought I would go snap happy after this and take a few shots of the interior of the restaurant as I loved it.

005 006

I love the pendant lights hanging from the ceiling and would happily have them in my own home. I also love the layout of all the pictures and how each one is different from the last. It was a great interior and definitely added to the sophisticated feel of the restaurant. Overall, I would definitely recommend the restaurant to anyone looking for some great food. They have an upstairs and downstairs section which have different menus; we sat downstairs. I think I would love to try the upstairs next time as they have more options on the menu and it would suit us both a bit more.

I hope you liked my first restaurant review and thank you to the lovely staff at Morden & Lea and Friday’s child for the competition win.

Laura x

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