MOMA Foods: Coconut & Chia Porridge

Let’s start off by telling you all, I made a conscious but upsetting decision to go dairy free in January this year after attempting to sort my gut out. As an avid cheese fan, this was a hard choice but it’s for my health and has already helped me loads. For ages I struggled with thinking about what to eat and switching normal dairy milk for soya or almond milk instead.

The lovely people over at MOMA offered me the chance to try out some of their new coconut & chia seed porridge which also happened to be dairy & gluten-free. Naturally I was intrigued as I’ve never crossed the border of eating fully dairy free yet and still have the odd indulgence. I said yes and soon after 3 lovely pots of the porridge arrived for me to test out.


I would like to say that whilst testing it out I tried it with hot water only for ease of eating it rather than attempting to heat up milk etc. I absolutely love coconut and oats so I knew this product would be right up my avenue! I wasn’t completely sure about the Chia seed as it wasn’t something I had dabbled with before, but health foods do always interest me and it’s something I’m slowly getting into more.

The porridge to start with definitely isn’t sweet, I appreciate there will be lots of you out there that probably prefer sugar or golden syrup even, but this porridge is a lovely taste without it. The porridge with hot water in consistency is creamy and delicious and something I enjoyed eating.


The taste is quite unusual with the added chia seeds however I can’t say it put me off. I would consider buying this again, or even trying out some of the other MOMA flavours. All of the MOMA flavours are gluten-free but only the coconut & chia is also dairy free. For all of you out there who suffer intolerance to gluten or dairy or even are coeliac then these would be great for your morning grub. Enjoy!

Laura x

*these porridge samples were sent to me to test out, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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