Le Cochon Aveugle

A few months ago, Bob and I decided to venture out on our first date night since having Freya. We decided to go to Le Cochon Aveugle in York after having to cancel a booking there earlier in 2017. We had originally booked to go around March-April time 2017 and then found out we were pregnant. As I didn’t want to miss out on amazing food but knowing that the menu was served blind, we decided to cancel at the time and rebook at a later date. The team at the restaurant was very understanding and allowed us to cancel as soon as we knew about the baby.

Fast forward to November 2017, and we finally got to enjoy the 8 course tasting menu that we had thought about all year. For those of you that may not know, the restaurant was set up in 2014 by 26-year-old chef Joshua Overington and his partner Victoria. Joshua then went on to represent the  North East in Great British Menu; a show both Bob and I had watched for a couple of years. Incredibly we had not long had to cancel our booking for this restaurant, than saw Joshua on the TV taking part in the show and were absolutely gutted when we found out he owned the restaurant we were desperate to try out.

On entrance to the restaurant we were really impressed with how intimate it felt and for our first date night since having a baby; the perfect setting for such an event.

I won’t lie, I was absolutely thrilled to see Joshua and Victoria both in the restaurant after seeing them on television earlier in the year and being blown away by Joshua’s talent during Great British Menu. (Yes, I’m a TV addict and it was exactly like meeting celebrities.) We started the evening by ordering a bottle of wine to share which was presented beautifully.

First up on our 8 course dining dream was L’Arpege Egg which tasted amazing and was the perfect start.

Next we enjoyed 3 small dishes which came out in quick succession and eating them in this way was just divine.

Boudin Noir Macaron (this was one of Bob’s favourite parts of the meal and he’s desperate to try to recreate it at home.)

Pheasant and Pine

and Carrot with cods roe and caviar

So far, so good right?

Next we dined on Sourdough with cultured butter and beurre noisette with sea salt. I’m a sucker for a bread basket I won’t even lie but the way this was presented and how the butter tasted with the Sourdough was just brilliant. (Can you tell we’d started eating before we remembered to take a photo? Greedy aren’t we?)

So next on the menu was Morteau Sausage and Shetland Mussels with farro & a burnt parsnip consommé. I actually didn’t take a photograph of this at all which is shocking as I’d done so well in the meal so far. I actually am not a fan of seafood at all so I just enjoyed the consommé and sausage which was yummy. I did try a Mussel just to lay to rest whether I actually liked them or not and can confirm, I am not a fan.

We moved onto a fish dish next in Slipsole with a vadowan butter and this was one of my favourite dishes of the night. As much as I don’t like seafood, I adore Fish and this dish did not disappoint. The fish just pulled away from the bone with ease and melted in the mouth with fantastic flavours.

Onto what I would describe as the main dish of the menu, Duck with a roasted turnip puree, quince and caramelised onions. Again, the flavours were superb and my husband and I were both blown away by this stage and couldn’t wait to see what the last 2 dishes would bring.

Dessert came to us in the form of Apple Crumble with a cider sabayon & Buttermilk ice-cream and my goodness, it was Ah-Mazing.

We ended the evening with a Sauterne Egg which looked surprisingly like our first dish of the evening which was savoury. To our delight this was lovely and sweet and the perfect end to an amazing menu.

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Le Cochon Aveugle and it was the perfect first date since having our beautiful daughter. We cannot wait to go back again this year and a huge thank you to the restaurant for such a wonderful night.

Laura x


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