Jamie’s Italian York Review

Living in York, we are pretty spoilt by the incredible choice of restaurants that we have on our doorstep and being absolute foodies, Bob & I have a lot of favourites. We are always on the lookout to try new and upcoming places as well as firm favourites in the city that we have never ventured into before. We were lucky enough to be invited along this week to Jamie’s Italian York to try out their great lunch time deal.

Since it was Bank Holiday Monday and we had no plans, we decided to take ourselves off into the city and try out this lunch time deal for ourselves. If you don’t know York very well, then you can find the restaurant tucked away in a little side street between the Lord Mayor’s House and the big Post Office or from a tourist point of view; near Betty’s tea rooms. I tried to get a decent picture of outside but due to some miserable weather, had to abandon this idea and featured a news article picture instead but credit is below.


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It happened to start raining just as we made our way there so a few people had rushed in at the same time to get shelter and also grab some food. We waited a few minutes before a waiter came along to take us to our table. The restaurant is split off into different sections with the front of house and bar being on the ground floor. Mid way up the stairs it branches to the right where there is a kitchen area, more seating and tables, and the toilets. At the top of the stairs is another huge seating area with a bigger kitchen and round the corner is the baby changing facilities.

We were given the menus to look over and decide what we wanted to eat. I pretty much knew that I wanted to make the most of the lunchtime deal and check out the value for money that was on offer. Whilst trying to decide our waiter came over to get our drinks order and let us know the specials. I ordered a passion fruit smash cocktail and Bob ordered a pint of lager.  Once we placed our food orders, we eagerly awaited as we started getting pretty peckish whilst trying to pick our food. Lucky for us, they were quick to bring out the starters so our bellies didn’t rumble too much.

First up on the menu for myself was the Pate Bruschetta with pancetta and parmesan.


This was really yummy and all the flavours worked well together but my only criticism would be that the bread it came on was very crisp on the outside making it difficult to cut into and bite. I have a pretty good set of teeth on me but even I found it a little hard. If it was on a different style of bread, I would definitely have it again in future.

Bob’s starter was Smoked Salmon with Ricotta and Chilli jam Bruschetta which was from the specials menu


Again the flavours in this were good, the bread was cooked well and didn’t seem as tough as mine had. He really liked the starter overall but if he was making it himself, would have mixed the chilli jam into the ricotta before serving to get an even taste of flavour throughout.

Once the plates were cleared away, we didn’t wait long again until our main meals appeared.

I chose the Tagliatelle Bolognese with a crusty herb topping and parmesan.


This was really nice once again and full of flavour. My only criticism with this was the amount of pasta to sauce ratio seemed a little off. It’s hard to see from the picture itself but there really wasn’t much sauce or mince meat and seemed far too much pasta which in the end I struggled to enjoy as much. It was cooked well and what I managed to eat, I did enjoy.

On the main menu for Bob was Ragu with Brisket and hot smoked sausage.


Now as you can see in the photo, he had tons of meat going through his pasta which was the perfect amount and packed it with flavour. When he ordered this, he was told it had some kick to it and had spice so we thought it would be perfect. The meat was cooked well as was the pasta but neither of them had any spice to them. This was off the specials menu once again and we feel it could do with more of a spice to it in future.

As with other traditional Italian restaurants, we expected to be offered extra parmesan or even extra chilli with our meals, this was not the case and I think it would probably help the rustic Italian feel that Jamie’s is trying to go for.

Onto desserts and despite feeling pretty full, I opted to try the epic brownie off the lunch time menu as it came with salted caramel ice cream and caramel popcorn. Bob claimed he was full and wouldn’t want much but managed to assist me eating half of the dessert in the end. Now when the dessert came out, we tucked in so fast we forgot to take a picture!! But luckily for me, we found a stock photo from the actual Jamie’s website showing you what it looked like before we ate it all.


Now fear not, I expect you are thinking that the dessert probably looked nothing like that, well it looked exactly like that but the ice cream had more of a caramel colour to it. It tasted incredible and we gobbled it up pretty quickly.

Here’s the honest outcome of our 1st visit to Jamie’s Italian York:

Would we go back? Yes as their sharing boards looked amazing and we would crack a bottle of wine open too.

Is the lunchtime deal value for money? Absolutely! There are 5-6 options for starters & mains and 4 for dessert so plenty to choose from and something for everyone.

What would we change? little tweaks like we mentioned would make it perfect and up the wow factor on the taste meter.

I hope you’ve found this review honest as always but more than anything, I urge you to try the restaurant out for yourself as you might find your new favourite in Jamie’s Italian York. The super lunch time deal is 2 courses for £10.95 or 3 courses for £12.95 making it excellent value for money.

Laura x

*the lovely people at Jamie’s invited me to review this restaurant in exchange for my open and honest feedback. My thoughts and findings in the post are my own*

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