Guilt-Free Snacking with Go Ahead

Guilt-free you said?

Yes that is correct! For the last month I’ve been partaking in some snacking of the guilt free nature and good news… I love it.

Being a crisp and sweet enthusiast (Yes that’s a real thing), means chowing down and then feeling sick/guilty later. I’m always on the lookout for snacks that aren’t as calorific or heavy on the old body and I think I found the right brand for me.

Go Ahead! are one of the UK’s leading healthier biscuit brands and offer a huge range including Yoghurt Breaks, Crispy Fruit Slices, Fruit Bakes and Cookie Bites.

I tried out most of their range and every day I took a different bar to work to snack on. I wasn’t sure about the crispy fruit slices or yoghurt breaks at first as I’m not a huge dried fruit fan. I was pleasantly surprised and ate every last bite. My favourite of all the products were the Cookie Bites which came in Chocolate Orange and White Chocolate and Raspberry. These were super yummy and definitely filled the snack sized whole my crisps and sweets had left.

All of the products come in different flavours meaning there’s something for everyone that’s looking for a healthier snack option. They can be bought from the major supermarkets as well as other retailers and are definitely worth keeping a stash in your cupboard.

Price wise these are brilliant value for money and will most definitely leave you feeling fuller without the guilt of high calories.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this snack-related post and if you’re now feeling hungry then at least you have an idea what to spend you money on now!

Laura x

*these products were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, no payment has been received*

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