Fun Food Products: A Follow up*

About 10 days ago, I blogged about a new fun product that was sent to me to try out from Fun Food Products; which was a popcorn maker. I love popcorn and until seeing Les Miserables when it came out, I had never in my life had salty popcorn before and needless to say, I love trying new flavours now!

Not long after being sent this amazing product, I tried it out for a film night with the fam and snapped my camera away taking some photos of the machine at work and the finished product. Here’s the photos…





The machine is super easy to use and even has some guidelines in terms of oil:corn kernel ratio. My brother and I decided to make enough for the pair of us and followed the guidelines as per instructions and the results were fab. Once everything is added into the machine, it takes mere minutes to turn the kernels into lovely popped corn. Once you have finished you can then add flavouring to the popcorn once placed in the fantastic popcorn boxes.

I won’t lie, we got carried away and did actually burn a couple of pieces but I reckon since it was the first time we used the machine, I am allowed 1 tiny mistake. The popcorn tasted amazing and we added the caramel seasoning to it which was yummy.

I would definitely recommended Fun Food Products as they do soooo many more products, not just the popcorn maker. My Aunty who lives in New Zealand was very jealous when she saw my first blog post and is now on the lookout for one of her own as they are popcorn mad in her house too 🙂

Hope you found this follow-up review useful and thanks for reading.

Laura x

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