Cocofina Coconut Macaroon bars

I recently won a competition on Twitter that saw a box of 24 amazing coconut macaroon bars delivered to my door. The company behind these delicious bars are Cocofina and as a huge fan of coconut and coconut water, I was super excited to get my hands on these. First and foremost, I won the competition ages before I decided to write this blog post and am in no way sponsored to do this or nor was I asked by the company to write this.

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With that out-of-the-way it comes to the bars themselves. They are a delicious snack bar packed full of coconut and contain golden syrup and oats as well. I took 1 every day to work with me to have at lunch as well as my usual 2 bits of fruit. These definitely filled a gap and only contain 162 calories per bar. This is fab for me as I probably don’t eat enough calories as it is and this helped to boost my energy levels every day.

The bars themselves taste amazing and as huge coconut fan, I was impressed. I have looked into the other products that the brand do including coconut oil for cooking etc, coconut water and my favourite, coconut bars coated in chocolate; maybe not the healthiest of options but the best sounding snack ever.


I would definitely recommend these bars for anyone looking for an alternative to your typical cereal based snack bars or nutty bars that you find in most shops. These can be bought from the website direct, amazon or even Holland & Barrett in some cases. It is the first time I had heard of Cocofina when I won the competition and am so glad I did. This has been a short and sweet post but i just wanted to do something different from my usual beauty posts etc and mix it up a little. I hope you enjoyed it 🙂

Laura x

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