Banyan Harrogate re-launch and review

A few weeks ago I was invited to the re-launch of Banyan bar and restaurant in Harrogate. Due to work commitments I was unable to go but the lovely marketing people said I could choose a date and time that worked for me and review it then. So on Saturday the 20th, Bob & I drove to Harrogate for a day of shopping, mooching around the town and enjoying a good meal in the newly revamped Banyan.

First up the bar and restaurant looks amazing, exposed brick walls and copper lighting everywhere. Wooden shelves, plush turquoise booths and scrolls hanging on the walls as menus gave the restaurant an incredible feel and made us feel instantly welcome. I’ve shown 2 photos with flash and one without to show how great the copper looked in there.

159 165

Bob & I sat down to enjoy a starter, main and dessert with some lovely cocktails thrown in for me, and cokes for Bob as designated driver.

158 167

We decided to order the Teryaki Pork Belly and Deep Fried Brie Wedges for starters and were not disappointed. The Brie wedges were so yummy with an onion chutney on the side and Bob said his Teryaki Pork Belly was delicious as well.

161 162

Onto the mains, we ordered the crispy Cajun Chicken burger for me as well as the Prince’s Trust Burger for Bob. Both burgers were cooked well and tasted amazing, jam-packed with homemade coleslaw, onion rings, salsa and even a side of chicken gravy for me. I completely forgot it came with this and was puzzled for a few minutes when i dipped my fries into it. It actually made a great little dipping sauce for the fries and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

163 164

Last up we ordered the salted caramel and chocolate Torte for dessert despite being full to the brim with good food. I took a picture but as you can see, the transfer onto my computer went a little awry…


In Banyan’s defence, this was amazing and tasted absolutely beautiful. It was definitely the best part of the whole meal and I’m not usually a dessert person at all.

Throughout the meal we were served by the lovely Karen who was super efficient and great at recommending drinks. I started with the Sherbet Sipper and then on her recommendation moved onto the Passion Punch which was incredible. She is an absolute credit to Banyan and knew her stuff throughout the meal.

If you are looking for an amazing meal at great prices then this is somewhere you must visit whilst out shopping or just out for the day. We have already said we will go again in future as we enjoyed every bit of it.


Laura x

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