Bakerdays Review*

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Bakerdays and asked whether I wanted to try out one of their fantastic Letterbox cakes. Any mention of the word cake and I’m game! I was and still am really impressed with the concept of the Letterbox cake. The Bakerdays mantra for their Letterbox cake is:

“You can’t always be there to share a special occasion with a friend or
loved one. But you can let them know you¹re thinking of them by sending
something which is personalised and therefore unique.”

I was given the option of choosing my own photo for the cake, or to choose one of the options on their website. I chose a photo of my cousin Cameron, my brother & I which had been taken only 1 month ago when we were reunited in East Kilbride, Scotland. My cousin lives in New Zealand so the picture is really special as we don’t have many of us together. I then waited for my cake to be created and delivered through the post, and here is what arrived.


The cake is 5 inches and fits perfectly through the letterbox and gives 3-4 servings. It comes in a pretty tin and they sent me a little card which could have a message written in it, some love heart sweets and a leaflet with some information about Bakerdays in it. It smelt divine when you opened the tin and as a fan of icing, I love the sickly sweet smell that it has.


The picture looked fab as you can see from the picture above and when you cut into it, there was a lovely moist chocolate sponge cake. I was worried it might be dry inside as Bakerdays claim that it stays fresh for 14 days and we ate ours about 4/5 days after it arrived, but I was super surprised by how soft and moist it stayed and was incredibly yummy to eat.

The letterbox cake start from £14.99 and is a fab service to send something personalised to a family member or friend. The delivery was efficient and nothing was damaged when it got to me, so again top marks to Bakerdays for their packaging and design ideas.

I would definitely use Bakerdays again in the future as it is such a unique idea for a gift, and they really impressed me with my chosen cake.


Laura x


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