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I’ve made no secret of the fact that shifting all of the pregnancy pounds I gained, has been anything but easy. In fact at 4 months postpartum I could fit back into my pre-pregnancy jeans but the reality is, I’m still around 10lbs heavier even now.

When I was offered the chance to review the Nutribuddy Breakfast, I was 100% on board as managing to eat breakfast every day has been a struggle from day of 1 of looking after a tiny human. It might sound pathetic but days can go by and you can easily miss a meal or 2 each day due to caring for your little one. A lot of people would think this is the answer to weight loss and the pounds should be slipping off me by now but the truth is your body holds onto fats if it thinks it’s being starved.

Once my order was placed, it appeared in the post in no time and it was time to start enjoying my breakfast shakes. I ordered a 14 day supply of the Chocolate Brownie flavour shake which is a blend of organic oats, seeds and coconut.

Some fantastic things about this product include:

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Gluten Free

Soy Free

Sugar Free

Suitable for Diabetics

Every morning I added 3 scoops of mixture to my shaker and added 300ml of soya milk (I don’t really drink cow’s milk anymore). This was perfect for mornings when I had to drink breakfast with a sleeping baby on me, or when I had to head out with Freya early morning so took it with me in the car.

(please excuse my dirty jacket cuff in that photo, I wear it when walking with Freya and it’s seen better days)

Now what to remember with products like this is the importance of not expecting a quick fix to weight loss. I added this to my daily routine and also started doing 3 x 20-30 minute workouts per week as well as walking 10k steps a day. We eat fairly healthy at home as my husband cooks from scratch every night but we have also indulged in takeaways and treats as well over the last few weeks. I have seen a difference in my figure and have included some before and after shots below but this has been down to putting in hard work when it comes to exercise and enjoying the shakes as well. The photos have been taken 3 weeks apart.



(oh lord my mirror is dirty, I didn’t notice it being so bad until I took this photo then I couldn’t be bothered to take another – lazy blogger)

The Verdict

These shakes are very yummy and extremely practical for the mum on the go or the new mum. Personally they worked for me in my day-to-day routine and I will be buying the Nutribuddy Breakfast shakes again.

Laura x

*Post contains PR samples*


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