Forza Shake It Slim: a tasty way to get slim

Having been on a pretty indulgent holiday in June, July slapped me in the face with the realisation that my fitness journey had come to an abrupt stop.

I worked my butt off on the run up to my holiday and since getting home from Lanzarote, I feel like I’m bloated, my skin’s a mess and I feel like a potato (YES I SAID POTATO!)

When Forza Supplements got in touch offering me the chance to review their shake it slim shakes, I quickly took them up on said offer, looking forward to giving me a head start again with getting healthier. They sent me a 7 day supply of the shakes which come in Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry and are only 204 calories each!


If I’m honest, I’m not a fad dieter and actually hate dieting as it makes me pretty miserable. I was a little sceptical about how I was going to get on with these shakes but decided to start with breakfast one morning and chose the sachet of Strawberry powder first. I absolutely hate Strawberry flavoured drinks so I thought I was going to have to gulp it down at first, but boy was I wrong. The drink was lovely and creamy tasting even though it’s only powder and water. It wasn’t too sweet but just sweet enough to make it feel less like a meal replacement option and more like a treat.


After my surprise wore off I tested the other flavours again during other mealtimes and found them to be equally enjoyable and yummy every time. I have noticed my stomach is a little less bloated which is fab and I wasn’t left feeling hungry either meaning I have been snacking less too.

Here’s the lowdown on my thoughts:

Would I buy these again?

Yup, I think as a week-long option to get healthy these are fab, but it’s not a long-term solution.

How much are the shakes?

A 7 day supply like mine costs £18.99

What was my favourite flavour?

Surprisingly it was the Strawberry which completely shocked me.

I hope you’ve liked this little health/weight loss post and it has inspired you to maybe try something a little different.

Laura x

*the shakes were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review. all thoughts are my own as usual.*

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