Preparing for the Festive Season: A Style Guide

The upcoming festive season is one which is jam-packed with parties, events and special occasions. So, of course, you need to look and feel your best for every event you attend over the Christmas period! Luckily, with a few simple tips to follow, this is easier than ever. From finding the perfect outfit to the added extras to truly make your look sparkle, below are the essential areas you need to focus on this year. 

Dress to Impress

Whether you choose a sleek and simple jumpsuit for the office party, or you wear a mini skirt for a night out with the girls, what’s most important is how it makes you feel. Regardless of whether or not you love a particular style, if you don’t feel confident and comfortable in it, don’t wear it! There’s nothing more disheartening than feeling self-conscious throughout a party and wanting to hide away in a corner. To have you feeling and looking incredible, you can find beautiful plus size outfits or the perfect pair of relaxed jeans and boots from the comfort of your living room.

With that in mind, the festive season is a time for glitz and glamour, so don’t shy away from sequins and glitter! However, if this will make you feel like a Strictly Come Dancing contestant, why not opt for velvet instead? Velvet dresses are a luxurious addition to any wardrobe. Choose a rich, darker tone, such as navy or burgundy to wow everyone at the Christmas party.

Comfortable Footwear is a Must

Whether you plan on dancing the night away, or you’re more of a sit-and-watch kind of partygoer, comfortable footwear will make a world of difference. Painful feet and pinching shoes are a sure way to put a damper on your night, so this is one aspect of investing in.

The shoes you choose depends on the outfit and the occasion. After all, skyscraper heels may look amazing, but if the event is somewhat relaxed and casual, you may feel out-of-place. However, there are exceptions to this rule. If 6-inch heels make you feel unstoppable, then it doesn’t matter on the occasion. Wear what makes you feel beautiful and wear it with pride!

A few tips to remember when choosing comfortable shoes include:

·         Think about your foot shape: Wide or narrow, for example.

·         Think about the support they give: Can you walk with ease?

·         Make sure there is enough room, and there is no pressure on any part of your foot.

Make sure they don’t slip at the back.

Finishing Touches

The finishing touches of any outfit are what takes it from zero to hero. From choosing elegant and sophisticated jewellery to the makeup colours and style, nailing this aspect will certainly turn heads! The festive season is one to be daring, so why not try something a bit different to see how it transforms your outfit? For example, why not experiment with a bright red lipstick, or add glitter to your eyeshadow? It may not be something you are used to, but a change to your usual routine could just be what you need. Plus, if you don’t like it, you can always wash it off!


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