My Pick of the best: Esprit

We have made it to June and I have yet to write a summer inspiration post or wish list. I guess the reason behind this is due to the fact that I won’t be going on a holiday myself until November. However I have been stocking up
on summer bits and pieces in the last 6 weeks ready for my hols since all the shops will be stocking Winter clothing.

I thought I would kick us off with my favourite picks from Esprit’s summer range. I love this brand and the quality and pricing of the range is fab. Their summer wear is really versatile and would suit every shape or size; especially when it comes to their swimwear.

First up, I am in love with this Flowing Jersey Kimono priced at £29.00. This would look fab over a bikini on the beach or with some denim shorts and a loose tee.


Next up, I love this Padded Halterneck Swimsuit priced at £40.00. This is the first swimsuit that I have seen all year that looks chic and bang on trend. I’m not a fan of swimwear with cut out section at the midriff etc but I would definitely wear this one with the above kimono on a beach day.

045EF1A171_001 (1)

When it comes to footwear, I love these Indian-style slip-slops priced at £29.00. I love a gorgeous pair of sandals like these and live in these types of shoe when I am on holiday. This pair is gorgeous as they have touches of pink and gold to them.


Lastly every woman needs a beach bag that goes well with her outfit and to match this whole beach look, I have chosen this Jute Blend Rucksack priced at £45.00. I love the woven look of this bag and the pink of the bag would go well with the sandals.


As an added extra, a cover up after you leave the beach is normally necessary so I have chosen this simple Stretch Jersey Dress priced at £29.00. It looks fab as a throw over for when you need to cover up from the sun and is a bargain prices too.

065EE1E014_400 (1)

I hope you feel inspired from my summer picks that I have chosen from Esprit. It makes me want to buy more and more but I am trying to behave and not spend too much money at the moment.

Esprit do a fab range for not only women, but also men, children even home, so there is something for everyone.

Laura x

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