My Favourite Designer Dresses

I decided to do a little collage using Polyvore, since its been absolutely ages since my last one. I am trying to mix my posts up a bit and not make them all beauty related. I won’t lie, this gave me a bit of Bloggers block to begin with; I was so used to writing about beauty and skin care that it was hard to think of unique ideas not in that topic. My newest collage is “My favourite designer dresses” in which I have chosen 3 designer dresses that unless I won the lottery, I could never afford myself, and a couple of gorgeous hairstyles which would look stunning with the dresses. I hope you enjoy and lust over the very expensive dresses you are about to see.

My Favourite designer dresses
I think all 3 dresses are beautiful and only wish I could afford to buy them for myself, and both hairstyles are simple but not over complicated as to distract from the dresses and how lovely they look.
I hope you enjoyed my newest collage and if you hadn’t used Polyvore before then I would definitely recommend it as it’s so simple to use and create fab creations that can be shared on social media.
Laura x

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