Looking after my feet in pregnancy

I’m edging ever closer to my third trimester and pregnancy is absolutely flying by now. The first 20 weeks flew because we were planning the wedding and once the wedding had passed, it seemed that we had several slow weeks where I was getting bigger but it still felt like ages away until baby is with us. Needless to say it seems to be speeding up again and we are looking forward to getting the nursery decorated and the travel system on order.

The worst bit of late has been the unbearable heat that the UK had for a week or two. I know I shouldn’t complain about nice weather but when you’re too big to fit your normal clothes, heat is your nemesis. One thing I have taken to is wearing sandals a lot lately, mainly because they’re easy to get on and off and because they don’t squish my feet. The downside to wearing sandals a lot is that they don’t really offer you a lot of support all the time and your poor soles get sore. Well now it’s time to say goodbye to that problem and actually look after my tootsies.

When Vionic offered me the chance to review a pair of their sandals, I won’t lie; there was a pretty big smile on my face. I’ve always wanted a pair of sandals that look nice but are also good for the feet and these Nala T-Strap sandals are just that.

The soles on the sandals absorb shock, reducing stress to the feet, ankles and knees therefore beneficial for more than just your feet. The rubber on the soles also provides traction on the ground meaning it’s easier to manoeuvre on different terrains. The technology in the shoes is called Orthaheel meaning the sandals are designed to hug your arches and support your feet in comfort.

As much as the heels/soles don’t look the most attractive, the design of the sandals themselves are very visually appealing and come in a range of colours; white, red, black and gold cork. They retail for £70 and due to the comfort levels of the sandals, I would say they are well worth the money.

So whether your pregnant and need some shoes that support your feet, or suffer with knee or ankle pain and need the same, Vionic has something to offer for everyone. They offer a vast range for both men and women all using innovative technology to help look after your body.

Laura x

(These sandals were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, all thoughts and photos are my own)


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