Finding the Perfect Christmas Jumper

It’s that time of year again when the Christmas Jumpers come out of the cupboard/loft/attic/box under the bed and get run through the washer to be worn half a dozen times before Christmas day. It only seems like a few years ago that you never actually saw the Christmas jumper trend around and then boom it hit us in the face in a mass of glitter, lights and extreme tackiness.

I am not ashamed to say, I have a tacky and a tasteful jumper just waiting to be worn in the next week. It’s a christmas tradition at my work to start wearing them in the run up to Christmas and mine starts today. It’s the turn of the tacky jumper first which consists of a Mrs Claus themed jumper complete with an apron like pocket and bells. Wonderful right?

Each year I eye up all the new jumpers in the shops and contemplate spending lots of money on new Christmas themed knitwear however I feel the tightening of the purse strings and think nah! I appreciate how difficult it is to find the perfect jumper for you and believe me it took a while to spot my wonderful Mrs Claus masterpiece. I have found the perfect widget to help you discover your perfect christmas jumper all in one place over at Christmas Jumper Finder.

Check out the widget below for a snapshot of how easy it is to find your perfect Christmas jumper.

I hope you enjoyed this little Christmas themed post which was brought to you in collaboration with My Voucher Codes.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find your perfect jumper if you haven’t already.

Laura x

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