Dressing like a gent

Your eyes have not deceived you upon reading the title of this post. I am writing a men’s fashion post from the eyes of a mid-twenties lady and I’m specifically writing it for the older chaps out there.

Men are either great at dressing themselves or tend to get their wife/partner/gf/friend to help them out when it comes to picking clothes and not looking like a clown. On many occasion I’ve overhead couples or spoken to couples in my previous job who’ve said they let their wives pick their clothes because frankly; they HATE trudging round the shops. Let’s face it, us ladies can wander the shops and end up in the same shop on more than one occasion and frankly it’s a super power.

I was contacted by www.chums.co.uk to create a style related post for the older gentleman and I’m pretty excited about writing this one and sharing some of my favourite picks from the site.

Let’s start with tailoring and first on my list is this Herringbone Weave Tailored Jacket:

Now this is a little pricier at £120 but worth the pop for a decent jacket that looks smart with trousers and a tie as above or with a loose white shirt and chinos for a more casual approach.

If this is a bit too over budget then why not the Mix & Match Suit which you can get in Navy or Grey.

The trousers and suit jacket combined start from £65 for both so much more affordable and perfect for a nice dinner, a party/wedding or even work. Both of these items so far would work for younger or older gentlemen showing the range of menswear on offer by the website.

Now let’s talk footwear and go for a sensible yet stylish option; The Desert Boot

These will set you back a mere £26.00 but are practical, comfy and still stylish. There are a vast array of different styles on the website but these are definitely my favourites.

Ok, now let’s be practical and think about the British weather. A sensible coat is a must but we want to still look good and my choice would be the Aldon Trench Style Raincoat:

These have become all the rage and all the Insta-blokes are sporting them nowadays. They are extremely practical yet very on trend so a winner all round and would cost you from £40.00.

To finish this post off let’s look at a wardrobe staple in the classic V-neck jumper. A must have for any man of any age and this 2 in 1 sweater starts from £30.00.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this little switch up in my writing and if my picks don’t take your fancy then the site is jammed full of plenty of others to look at.


Laura x

*this has been a collaborative post, all prices were correct at the time of writing and all content is my own*

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