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I have made no secret to any person who has ever met me or read my blog, that I have a weak spot for shoes. I have a very overflowing wardrobe full of the babies and can’t bear to part with any of them. Seriously though, its become a bit of an addiction and I literally have to shove my wardrobe door closed every day. It also takes me a good rummage to find matching shoes which is a nightmare at any time because I normally leave it last-minute to find said matching shoes.

I wanted to share with you, some of very favourites, all of which just happen to be high heels (because I have lots of them) and all from New Look after falling in love with their very comfortable shoes at a young age. Every pair I wear from New Look normally lasts me a good amount of time and always wear in to be super comfy as well. So here are my favourites….




Let’s state the obvious, they are all very monochrome, either black, white or grey. I do own lots of other shoes with bits of colour and nudes etc but I absolutely love all 5 of these pairs. They are perfect for every season making the transitions from Spring to Winter because of their shades. The black pair in the middle are amazing and the thick buckle makes the super sturdy. The grey pair look fab with skinny blue jeans and a bright top for a Spring/Summer event. The bottom pair took a bit of wearing in as the strap at the toes was a bit tight at first but now they are lovely. I have yet to wear the caged stiletto’s but they are massively on trend right now and can’t wait to wear them out. I wore the top grey and black pair with some peg leg trousers and a cami for a nice meal and they were surprisingly comfy as well which I didn’t expect them to be at the toes.

I have got plenty more shoes in my wardrobe and will share some of my favourite flats etc in the next few months so you can see my lovely collection.

Are any of you fans of New Look’s amazing shoe range???

Hope you like my favourite heels?

Laura x

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