A Designer Dream

Sticking with the designer wish list post I did last week themed around workout wear, I thought I would do another designer related post but one that caters for everyone: Jewellery & Watches. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Breitling watches and as much as I wish I could afford to just surprise him with one, I definitely do not have the money for that sort of thing. I stumbled across Xupes while imagining what I would spend my money on if I won the lottery. Xupes is a site that sells stock at around 70% RRP and also sells items on behalf of customers for a commission. They have Second-hand Rolex’s, second-hand diamonds and even other watch brands like Breitling, Omega and Cartier.Here are my favourite picks from the site:

The Rolex Submariner – £19800.00 (I wish eh?)


Breitling Bentley Chronograph – £10950 (I’m sure my boyfriend would be happy if I bought this)


Jaeger-LeCoultre Vintage – £3750 (a gorgeous watch for the ladies)


Mappin & Webb diamond and Rose Quartz bracelet – £5995 (This is a thing of beauty, I’m in love with it)


As well as jewellery and watches, they also sell handbags, antiques and fine art. My favourite bargain handbag from the site is this gorgeous Celine Edge costing £1145. It’s super chic as well as being simple enough to go with any outfit for those keen to have a multi-purpose handbag for all occasions.


These are just a snippet of some of the gorgeous items on the site. If you can afford to treat yourself then I would definitely check it out. The picks I’ve chosen are some of the more expensive items on the site and there are a lot that are under £2k if you can afford to set that kind of money aside. I will keep holding out for my lottery win and then will be straight on the site. As well as jewellery and watches, they also sell handbags, antiques and fine art.

Laura x


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