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As you may have read on my previous posts, I am buying a house at the moment and have realised that I need to be productive and start having a clear out. I thought I would start by listing a few items on here and seeing how I get on before Ebaying or potential Depop sale. I will be listing mainly clothing and shoes and all are branded and fairly priced.

Here’s how this will work:

– If you like something then leave me a comment or email me at laura@lauraknowslifestyle.co.uk letting me know what you want and we can then discuss postage.

– I will send instructions re how to pay by paypal which will be the method of payment. Once received I will then wrap the item/s and send them out, letting you know by email that I have sent them. I will try and post items with 3-4 days of payment being received and will a few days for payment unless we have spoken about it before.

So here we go….


Topshop Boucle dress size 8. It’s a gorgeous dress but I’ve only worn it once and need to get rid of some. £10 + postage


Primark alpine Jersey blazer size 8. Again another item that looks great on and is really comfy but I just don’t wear it anymore. £6 + postage


Primark peach and black kimono size 8. Have worn this quite a bit but still in fantastic condition. Have quite a few of these that are similar for holidays etc. £4 + postage


New Lo

ok baby blue crepe crop top size 10. Never worn but took the tags off. Not my cup of tea as I ordered it online and found it doesn’t suit me. £5 + postage


New Look knee high boots size 3, never worn. got the wrong size and have since got the right size now. £15 + postage


Primark Frozen t-shirt with a Let it Go motif and elsa. Worn once but I have another frozen themed tee that I prefer. size 10 but is quite oversized. £4 + Postage


New Look cami tops in a chiffon style material. very popular and i have 2 others in different colours but these are the wrong size. Both are size 10, one is khaki and one coral. £5 each + postage

I will be listing more as the next few weeks go on and am willing to negotiate prices, just looking to get rid of a lot of stuff before moving.


Laura x

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