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Laura x


  1. Hi Laura,

    Firstly, thanks for following us on twitter.

    I thought I would contact you and see how your collaborations work with businesses.

    We have two businesses, one for B2B and one for B2C (end user) which is Fun Food Products. We would like to promote this further and plan to have a new website within 2-3 months to improve our users experience.

    Would you be interested in a potential collaboration with our brand and products?

    Please let me know your thoughts and how you may be able to help us.


    Steven Blake

  2. Hi team at lauraknowslifestyle
    How are you? Do you offer article placements on your site: lauraknowslifestyle
    – We would get the article written which will fit the nature/topic of your site.
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    – Media Manager Webcontentzone re is a good chance there will be a link going to a gaming/betting review site, which will be very well integrated.
    – Payment is made via Paypal.
    What are your rates for such a placement?
    Thank you Kind Regards,

  3. Hi,
    Do you offer advertising space/article placement on
    If so, how much would it cost for an article placement with a link to a gaming website in the article?

    We will get the content written. It will be fully original and of excellent quality, it will fit the topic/nature of, you will need just to publish it, if you like the text.

    We will pay you via Paypal (or credit card) once the article is live!

    How much will you charge for it?

    Steve Marks

  4. Hi,
    Do you offer advertising space/article placement on
    If so, how much would it cost for an article placement with a link to a games website in the article?

    Steve Marks

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