My dream cruise destinations for my honeymoon

I, I mean WE get married in less than 5 months now and it may come as a surprise that we are yet to book a honeymoon for ourselves.

It’s safe to say with the chaos of wedding planning and our first Christmas together in our own home, honeymoon planning has taken a back seat (like a bus length back seat).

I’ve started browsing the web for ideas and one that’s always peaked my interest is going on a cruise. I’ve never done one before and the benefit to something like this, is the chance to see multiple destinations in one big trip. I did a bit of searching for luxury cruises and found Planet Cruise who offer some amazing deals and packages including last-minute options and a huge range of destinations. While I try to make up my mind about what I’m going to do, here’s a list of my ultimate cruise destinations.

Alaska – just look how incredible it looks!

photo credit

Madagascar – because who wouldn’t after seeing the film!

photo credit

Philippines – is somewhere I would love to visit.

photo credit

Norway – I would love to visit the Aurora Borealis

photo credit

I could honestly share so many destinations with you and by the end of writing this, will most probably have convinced myself to book a cruise to one of them (If only I won the lottery in that time period). 

But alas I won’t go too crazy and leave it at 4 of my ultimate destinations and hopefully inspire some of you to try out a cruise as well.

Thanks for reading

Laura x

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Jardin de Cactus Lanzarote

I know, I know. Laura what are you playing at still putting holiday blog posts up almost 3 months after you went on holiday! To be truthful, I’m useless and because we moved into our house when we got back, I just never got round to posting some of them.

This little feature is one of the touristy bits we did during our trip to Lanzarote. We hired a car for 2 days and drove about an hour to the top of the island and then on the way back we stopped off at Jardin de Cactus. The garden was designed by none other than Cesar Manrique who has heavily influenced the island as a whole. I love Cacti so this was an hour well spent for me and even my fiance enjoyed it as well. Here are some of the snaps that I got whilst there.

033 035 036 039 043 046 048 049 053 054 055

I know this has been more of a photo post than anything else but I just wanted to share how truly beautiful this place is. I found it really peaceful and calming walking round and am so glad we made the effort to go and visit it whilst there. If you go to Lanzarote then it is a definite must see and I will try to share a few more holiday posts soon with some of the other tourist sites to venture to.

Thanks for stopping by

Laura x

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Il Commendatore Playa Blanca Marina Review

What seems like forever ago now, Bob & I ventured off for a 2 week break to Lanzarote and stayed in the lovely resort of Playa Blanca. Being massive foodies we were really impressed with the huge choice of restaurants and eateries for us to enjoy and definitely indulged a lot during the 14 day break. I want to share one of the restaurants we visited which was part of our half board deal with Thomas Cook: Il Commendatore Italian restaurant.

It was positioned perfectly on the marina and is a bustling restaurant with incredible food and service. Here are a few of the snaps I took during my visit there, I wish I’d taken more but we got way too caught up in the food and vibe. (I know, bad Blogger eh?)

The View


The Fiance


The wine


Just one of the excellent dishes we ate.


I’m sorry I didn’t take more but we absolutely loved the vibe of the restaurant and just enjoyed being relaxed for the first time in ages. Playa Blanca is a beautiful place and we are hoping to go back next year for a short break again. I will be sharing some more foodie and travel posts soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Laura x

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