Sleep well for less

March is National Bed Month so I thought it reasonably apt to talk about sleep and particularly sleep when you become a parent for the first time and have no idea what to expect.

Whilst I was pregnant I was constantly told to enjoy sleep while I could as once the baby was here, it would all change. Talk about Negative Nancy’s eh? I’ll be frank and tell you that the first 10 weeks were difficult especially when you would wake up to feed 3-4 times a night but gradually it got better and Freya decided to sleep through the night.

Since then I’ve tried numerous lotions and potions to try to help me sleep sounder and make sure I get a better night’s rest to tackle the day ahead with a baby. For the last few weeks I’ve been testing out Feather & Down luxury Pillow Spray and seeing if it really does help you sleep better.

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Gin Festival York 2018

Last Saturday Bob and I organised childcare for the afternoon and took ourselves off to our very first Gin festival. Bob has been a fan of Gin for a long time but I’ve only recently started liking it after years of thinking it wasn’t for me. Turns out the Gin Festival explained exactly why I thought I hated it all this time… my husband and I have very different tastes when it comes to GIN.

*we attended the event for free and were kindly gifted a voucher in exchange for the review*

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The Ice Doctor Cold Eye Compress

As a new mama, everyone expects you to tell them that your 5 month old baby doesn’t sleep or that you’re up a couple of times a night. I always count my lucky stars that Freya has slept really well since being 10-11 weeks old but I know that could end at any point and our lovely routine could go out the window. I can count numerous occasions since then that she’s woken up randomly through the night and needed a bottle and I will admit to it absolutely killing me. It makes you incredibly grateful when they do sleep through.

That being said, when I’ve had a bad nights sleep whether it be baby related or just down to not being able to nod off which I seem to struggle with lately; my eyes give it away instantly. I suffer from puffy eyes quite badly or serious eye baggage if I’m run down or having consecutive terrible sleeps. I was offered the chance to review the Ice Doctor Cold Eye Compress from Feel Good Contacts and thought it would be a great opportunity to find something that might sort out my problematic eyes.

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