Getting my Caffeine and Protein fix

We all know I’m still holding on to some post baby chub that just won’t shift its way off my hips. I’ve been trying to do exercise but lately I feel as though I’ve lost some motivation when it comes to daily cardio workouts. My aim every day has been to walk somewhere between 12k-15k steps and do organic exercise like housework etc to lose the remaining hip chub without exacerbating myself.

As a lover of caffeine, I was over the moon to receive a box of Get Nourished iced coffee drinks to try out.

*Post contains PR samples*

Get Nourished contains 25g of protein per bottle and comes in 3 delicious coffee flavours. It’s high amount of protein means it has one of the highest levels of protein in the UK protein drink market. The coffee has been carefully blended to serve a strong coffee with a subtle flavour in Coconut, Vanilla or Hazelnut.

The drink is made using a high quality lactose-free milk protein and on top of that the product is also gluten-free. The drink is the perfect breakfast wake up or could be used as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick me up which is how I’ve been using it in my day-to-day routine.

These iced coffee drinks have been the perfect addition to my routine especially when we go out for walks round the village as these tend to be long to keep Freya asleep or to get her to doze off in the first place. Out of the three flavours I tried, the hazelnut one was my absolute favourite.

Overall I really liked these drinks and unlike other protein drinks, they didn’t leave a horrible aftertaste which is a big plus as I love iced coffee in general but was worried about the high level of protein and how that might affect the taste.

If you fancy trying out the coffee’s for yourself then head to either Holland & Barrett, or

Laura x

*Post contains PR samples*
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Sleep well for less

March is National Bed Month so I thought it reasonably apt to talk about sleep and particularly sleep when you become a parent for the first time and have no idea what to expect.

Whilst I was pregnant I was constantly told to enjoy sleep while I could as once the baby was here, it would all change. Talk about Negative Nancy’s eh? I’ll be frank and tell you that the first 10 weeks were difficult especially when you would wake up to feed 3-4 times a night but gradually it got better and Freya decided to sleep through the night.

Since then I’ve tried numerous lotions and potions to try to help me sleep sounder and make sure I get a better night’s rest to tackle the day ahead with a baby. For the last few weeks I’ve been testing out Feather & Down luxury Pillow Spray and seeing if it really does help you sleep better.

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