The Uber Sonic Club

Several years ago I made the decision to switch to an electric toothbrush and I have never looked back. Nowadays all the adverts tell you about brushing your teeth and the benefits of electric toothbrushes and honestly I am so glad I made the switch when I did. Since then my teeth have never been better and my dentist is always happy with how both my teeth and gums look.

Shortly before Christmas I was contacted by the fabulous folks that are Uber Sonic to review one of their electric toothbrushes. Being a toothbrush convert anyway, I happily said yes to the opportunity. When it arrived my husband had just had to get rid of his toothbrush so being the kind wife that I am, I offered him the chance to be guinea pig and try it out for me.

As a bit of context:

Uber Sonic is the world’s first anodised aluminium toothbrush, created with the aim of becoming an accessory to your daily hygiene routine. It has been stylishly designed with a sleek streamlined handle in Silver.

My husband loves it!

When it comes to battery life, he said it has a long battery and he rarely had to charge it up, which I can vouch for as I rarely see it on charge in the house. The design is fantastic and really does feel like holding the iPhone in your hands.

The best bit about the toothbrush is the subscription service that they provide. The starter kit is a mere £19 and includes the toothbrush, your first refill pack and a free gel teeth whitening pack. After this you pay £9 per package of 2 refill brush heads delivered 6 times a year, with free postage. Sounds good right? and on top of this, there is no lock in period meaning you can cancel at any time without any fees. Winning!

My husband is still using the brush and is yet to use any of his refills yet but we are definitely converted and in love with this stylish toothbrush.

Laura x

*This toothbrush was sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review. No payment has been received for the post and all content is my own as usual*
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2018 – My goals

I’ve been wanting to write this post ever since the turn of the new year but frankly, getting motivated to do so was difficult. It’s not that I didn’t want to blog, it’s more I struggled with my goals for the year and what I wanted to happen.

It took me a few days to come up with some core goals that were realistic and not way above achievable, but were also not completely time-consuming now that my priority is my child. No longer can I be selfish, I have to put my beautiful little girl first and my goals come second especially when it comes to blogging which is a hobby.

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It’s a New Year

If you’d have shown me a picture of my life today, this time last year; I would never have believed you.

2017 was a year of incredible things including:

Buying ourselves our dream cars.

Getting married after 9 years together.

Finding out I was pregnant, finding out it was a girl and then in September; giving birth to our daughter Freya Penelope Ella Moore.

Being chosen as an Origins Ambassador for the York store.

Our families always joke that we never do things far apart and always seem to have a lot going on at once. In 2016 we got engaged, went on holiday, bought our first home and both got promotions to name a few.

So when it comes to 2018, we are both hoping it will be a little calmer than the previous couple of years have been. Here are a few of the things we are looking forward to.

I will be continuing as an Origins Ambassador and arranging a few more events with the York store so keep your eyes peeled as there is one coming in February.

Our first family holiday abroad and hopefully a UK break as well.

A family wedding in 4 weeks time.

Freya’s first birthday in September! (she’s only just over 3 months so we have a while to go thankfully)

I don’t know what else this year has in store for us other than my maternity leave ending later in the year and returning to work. I hope there are surprises and lots of laughter as we watch our little one turn into a toddler. When it comes to myself, I intend to shift 5-7 lbs of weight that I still haven’t managed to get rid of since having Freya. I also plan on using some Christmas money to reinvent my style a little as I feel like I’ve outgrown my old wardrobe and without a doubt have outgrown my skinny jeans.

Here’s to a wonderful year full of health and happiness.

Laura x

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